Who is Dodie Osteen? Dodie Osteen Biography and also Wiki

Dodie Osteen (Delores Pilgrim Osteen)is the Co-Founder Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas. Lakewood Church was founded by her husband, the late Pastor man Osteen. She is Joel Osteen‘s mother and Victoria Osteen‘s Mother-in-law.

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She is the writer of healed of Cancer, the story of her miraculous heal from metastatic cancer that the liver after ~ doctors offered up top top her. She has actually a actual warmth and also compassion the make Lakewood Church to be dubbed An Oasis the Love in a Troubled World.

Dodie along with her so late husband, John organized a weekly tv program, which could be viewed in 100 countries worldwide. They both do a historic mark top top the landscape of Christianity. She famously quotes that the righteous should choose their girlfriend wisely.

Dodie Osteen Age and also Birthday

Dodie is 86 year old as of 2019, she to be born top top October 22, 1933, in the United states of America. She celebrate her date of birth on October 22nd every year. Dodie will be 87 years old ~ above Oct. 22nd 2020.

Dodie Osteen Height and also Weight

Dodie appears to be rather tall in stature if she photos, relative to she surroundings, room anything to go by. However, details regarding Dodie yes, really height and also other body dimensions are currently not publicly available. Us are maintaining tabs and will upgrade this information once that is out.

Dodie Osteen Parents

Dodie is an just child. She father is Roy Pilgrim and her mother is Georgia Pilgrim. She is the mom of Joel Osteen, mother-in-law come Victoria Osteen. she husband is the late john Osteen. She is the granny of Jonathan Osteen and Alexandra Osteen.

Dodie Osteen Husband

She to be married to man Osteen. She spouse, man Osteen passed far in January 23rd 1999, in Houston, Texas that a heart strike at the period of 77.

Dodie Osteen kids | Joel Osteen Mother

Together with her late husband, Pastor man Osteen in their marital relationship of over 44 years, lock had five children; minister Joel Osteen, Dr Paul Osteen, Lisa Comes, Tamara Graff and April Simons. Graff and April Simons space married to pastors in Victoria and Arlington.

Dodie Osteen Measurements and also Facts

Here are some exciting facts and body measurements you have to know about Dodie Osteen.

Dodie Osteen Today


Dodie Osteen Bio and also Wiki

Full Names: Delores Pilgrim OsteenPopular As: Dodie OsteenGender: FemaleOccupation / Profession: PreacherNationality: AmericanRace / Ethnicity: not AvailableReligion: ChristianSexual Orientation: Straight

Dodie Osteen Birthday

Age / how Old?: 86 yearsZodiac Sign: LibraDate the Birth: October 22, 1933Place that Birth: USABirthday: October 22

Dodie Osteen human body Measurements

Body Measurements: not AvailableHeight / just how Tall?: not KnownWeight: not KnownEye Color: not AvailableHair Color: no AvailableShoe Size: no Available

Dodie Osteen Family and Relationship

Father (Dad): Roy PilgrimMother: Georgia PilgrimSiblings (Brothers and Sisters): no KnownMarital Status: WidowedHusband/Spouse: Married to man OsteenDating / Boyfriend: no ApplicableChildren: boy ( Joel Osteen, Dr Paul Osteen), Daughter(s) ( Lisa Comes, Tamara Graff and also April Simons)

Dodie Osteen Networth and also Salary

Net Worth: Under ReviewSalary: Under ReviewSource that Income: Church Ministry

Dodie Osteen House and Cars

Place that living: To it is in UpdatedCars: car Brand to it is in Updated

Dodie Osteen Cancer | Joel Osteen mother Cancer

She to be diagnosed with metastatic cancer that the liver. She had a tumour the dimension of an orange on her liver, plus two almond-sized ones.

Dodie Osteen The healing From Terminal Cancer

She was healed the metastatic cancer of the liver in 1981.

Dodie Osteen network Worth

As a Co-Founder the Lakewood Church, there is no doubt Dodie has actually been able come accumulate great net worth. However, Dodie exact net worth has not however been revealed yet the information will it is in updated as quickly as it is available.

Dodie Osteen healing Scriptures

40 Healing bibles Dodie Osteen

The complying with is a perform of Osteen healing Scriptures:

Exodus 15:26Exodus 23:25Deuteronomy 7:15Deuteronomy 28:1-2Deuteronomy 30:19-20Joshua 21:451 emperors 8:56Psalm 89:34Psalm 91:16Psalm 103:3Psalm 105:37Psalm 107:20Psalm 118:17Proverbs 3:5-6Proverbs 4:20-23Isaiah 41:10, 13Isaiah 43:25, 26Isaiah 53:4-5Jeremiah 1:12Jeremiah 30:17

Joel Osteen mommy Healing Scriptures

Hosea 4:6Joel 3:10Nahum 1:7, 9Matthew 8:2-3Matthew 8:17Matthew 18:18-20Matthew 21:21Mark 11:23-24Mark 16:18Luke 10:19John 9:31John 10:10Romans 4:19-21Romans 8:112 Corinthians 1:202 Corinthians 10:3-5Galatians 3:13Ephesians 6:10-17Philippians 1:6Philippians 2:13Philippians 4:6-82 Timothy 1:7Hebrews 10:23, 25Hebrews 10:35Hebrews 11:11Hebrews 13:8James 1:5James 3:17James 4:7-8James 5:14-151 Peter 2:241 Peter 5:7-91 man 3:21-221 john 5:14-153 man 1:2Revelation 12:11

Dodie Osteen Books

Healed the Cancer(1986)Choosing Life: someday At A Time(2006)If mine Heart can Talk: A Story that Family, Faith and Miracles(2016)

Dodie Osteen Quotes

4 quotes and also sayings by Osteen:

That fool that stated in his heart over there is no God. Psalms 53. Makes me sad at what they space missing. Divine love, mercy salvation, forgiveness.I hope everyone takes the article that Jesus hasn’t changed. That loves everyone the same. He has actually no favourites. What that did for me, the will perform for anybody. I just want them to know that God’s native is the same. That Jesus loves us through an everlasting love.My family members has constantly reaped the services of discovering that God desires for everybody to be well. And HE sent His Word come make sure we would recognize it.

Frequently asked Questions about Dodie Osteen

Who is Dodie Osteen?

Dodie is renowned as the Co-Founder of Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas which she established with her late husband, john Osteen and also as the mom to Joel Osteen.

How old is Dodie Osteen?

Dodie is an American national born ~ above 22nd October 1933, in the US. Dodie is 86 years together of 2019.

How tall is Dodie Osteen?

Dodie has actually not shared her height with the public. Her height will be detailed once we have it native a credible source.

Is Dodie Osteen married?

Dodie is married to her late husband man Osteen. Together they have two children. She husband, Osteen died in 1991 from a love attack.

How lot is Dodie Osteen worth?

Dodie has actually not however revealed her network worth. Us will update this section when we get and verify information around the wealth and properties under her name. Together a Co-Founder that Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas, there is no doubt Dodie has actually been able to accumulate good net worth.

Is Dodie Osteen dead or alive?

Dodie is tho alive and also in great health. There have actually been no reports of Dodie gift sick or having any type of health-related issues.

Dodie Osteen social Media Contacts


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