43 year old

Date of Birth:

April 19, 1978

Birth Place:

Kansas, joined States



Full Name:

Joanna Stevens Gaines


Author, television presenter


5 ft 7in




half-Lebanese, half-German & Korean

Marital Status:

Married (Chip Gaines)


5 ( Ella (Daughter), Emmie (Daughter), Drake (Son), battle each other (Son), Crew (Son).)
Joanna Gaines forms one half of the power pair that gave a breath of fresh air to real estate shows. Joanna and also her husband Chip were part of the hit present Fixer Upper for five years, and also they do a lasting impact. The couple introduced fresh designs and also ideas that, in one way or another, shaped residence designs throughout America.

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As a an outcome of the show, Joanna and also Chip came to be famous. The stunning Texas native and also her husband are now celebrities in their own right. This piece will watch at just how Joanna discovered her passion, she journey right into television, just how she raises her kids, and her plans because that the future.

Interior architecture wasn’t Joanna’s very first career choice


Joanna and Chip have actually children, Drake, Ella, Duke, Emmie, and Crew. The pair raises their children on your 40-acre farm yard the old-fashioned way. Very first of all, the children’s time on technology is limited. According to Joanna, limiting the children’s time on modern technology has assisted them prosper creatively. She called Southern Living;

“Our preeminence for the iPad is that the children can usage it a specific amount of time every various other day… that funny once I say, ‘No iPad games,’ and then check out the things they create and also invent on your own. I’m like: ‘That! it is the stuff best there, kids.”

The children likewise share rooms to foster humility and also responsibility. Joanna and also Chip could easily purchased to offer each that their kids a bedroom, but they want the children to learn just how to be humble. Chores are also a large part of the Gaines household. Everybody has actually to aid out around the house and on the farm.

Joanna and Chip have regulated to progressive a tight-knit family.

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You can tell native the couple’s society media pages that they re-publishing a nearby bond with their children.