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Who: gold Globe-nominated actress, Grammy-nominated singer, dancer, and also businesswoman Jennifer Lopez, 50, and also actor, dancer, and choreographer "Casper" Smart, 32.

How they Met: Lopez and also Smart's relationship began as a skilled one. He to be her backup dancer, and occasional chair.


Jennifer Lopez and Casper smart - unique Concert in ~ Mohegan Sun's 15th Anniversary celebration event


By Nov. 2011, rumors the a "fling" started to swirl. A pair weeks later on the pair was photographed on vacation in Hawaii with Lopez and also ex-husband Marc Anthony's twins, Emme and also Max Muñiz.

Why us Loved Them: clever was Lopez's an initial major relationship complying with her divorce from Anthony, and also she admitted to exactly how instrumental he'd remained in her emotionally recovery. "I just got out of a big, heavy, devastating thing, and he's helped me heal. He's to be there for me," Lopez told People in 2013.


Lopez taken into consideration Smart she "best friend," informing Harper's Bazaar that very same year, "He gives moral support, endless love and also support. I have the right to tell that everything, when I'm feeling down, as soon as I'm feeling good."

When lock Peaked: Lopez stated Smart to be "fantastic" through her kids, and the photo proof truly backs she claim.

The Breakup: After about two-and-a-half years together, Lopez and Smart dubbed it quits in mid-2014.

There was speculation the the break-up was fueled by illicit texts Smart had sent to people other 보다 Lopez, yet sources insisted the was untrue.

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Regardless the why the breakup was initiated, the didn't last. The pair continued to be "great friends" post-split, and also by feather 2015 over there was tiny doubt the they'd reconciled. Alas, just over a year after their reunion, the couple split as soon as more. "It wasn't something dramatic and they were on good terms – that just involved a herbal end," a source told People of the summer 2016 breakup.

A couple of months later, People released a report claiming that Smart had cheated ~ above Lopez throughout their relationship — er, relationships. "She kicked him out because he cheated ~ above her and he obtained caught," the resource said. "It occurred two years ago, and he promised the would never ever do that again and also once the did, she was done."

Right or wrong, Lopez didn't pretend that her and Smart's 18-year age distinction wasn't a object of conversation in their relationship. "I questioning him, 'Why don't friend go find a young girlfriend and get out of here? What carry out you want v me?'" she told People in 2013. "And friend think, 'How lengthy is this gonna be?' friend think, 'OK, in 10 years I'm going come be choose this and also you're going come be prefer that' and men at that period are ns think all various things. The fact is us don't know what's going to happen. We're loving this moment right now. Us make each other happy."

Jennifer Lopez and also Casper clever - Jennifer Lopez Celebrates she Birthday v A Lavish Party at The Nobu Villa Atop Nobu Hotel in ~ Caesars royal residence

In 2019, Smart showed up to placed his very own immaturity on blast, informing Univision's Wake increase America, "I was really young and also selfish. I assumed I was prepared for a relationship with a woman v kids and everything."

But if there's any type of bad blood between the pair, we can't check out it. Smart remained close with Anthony adhering to the split, and had nothing however praise for Lopez's existing beau Alex Rodriguez, informing TMZ Sports, "It's every respect and also love. I've heard he's an very nice guy."