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Jimmie walker is one American comedian, mostly well-known for his function as James Evans Jr. In the TV series Good Times. He succeeded in obtaining hundreds and thousands of fans from the series. Still, the comedian is recognized by his on-screen name rather than his real name. So, you could have determined the Good Times" impact on his life, right?
Besides, Jimmie is known for showing up in series like At lull (1983), Scrubs(2001), Live in prior of a Studio Audience: good Times (2019), and also many more. Plus, the comedian is attributed for special in plenty of movies. Those films incorporate Super Shark (2011), David E. Talbert"s What Goes around Comes approximately (2012), etc. As a result, Jimmie has actually been a life legend in the field of comedy and acting. So, exactly how was his early life, and also what has actually he accomplished so far? Then, come know more about him, let"s jump to the short article below.

Jimmie walker Bio - Age, and also Early Childhood

Jimmie to be born ~ above 25th June 1947 in Brooklyn, new York, United says of America. Together of writing this article, the is 74 years old. And he secures Cancer as his bear sign. Though the comedian is life a comfortable life now, the was totally hard while cultivation up. Not only this but, he had actually to struggle financially come live. Because that this reason, Jimmie even had come drop out of the educational college for a brief span.

Some rapid Facts around Jimmie Walker:

Famous name Jimmie pedestrian
Age 74
Date Of bear 25th June 1947
Gender Male
Sexual identification Straight
Net worth $800K - $1 Million
Marital condition Unmarried
Height 6 feet and 1 inch (1.8 meters)

Detail on Jimmie walker Parents - Father, Mother, and also Siblings

Jimmie to be born come his father, James Carter Walker, and his mother, Lorena Walker. By profession, James to be a Pullman Porter. In contrast, the comedian"s mommy used to do odd works and was the head of the nursing room of among the hospitals.
While cultivation up, Jimmie had actually to encounter residential violence and also assault on his bear mother. The actor"s birth father to be violent and assaultive. Also, many of the time, Lorena (Jimmie"s mother) provided to go to job-related with bruises on she body. However, no matter exactly how brutally James offered to to win Lorena, the last never complained come the police. So, Jimmie had actually a tough childhood. Besides, Jimmie spent his early on days with his brother, Beverly Walker. You might Like It: tv Actress - Bella Podaras biography

Which college Did Jimmie pedestrian Go To? info On His Education

Jimmie to visit Theodore Roosevelt High School. But, because of his unfavorable situations at his home, he left the college in between. But, he soon realized the prominence of education and also took evening classes at the Theodore. Later, the comedian got training in radio engineering via the government"s program, SEEK. Also, with the SEEK, Jimmie trained in announcing.

Jimmie pedestrian Body measurements - Height and Weight

Jimmie is gifted with decent height. He is 6 feet and also 1 customs (1.8 meters) tall. Likewise, the weighs 82 kg (180lbs.). Still, in his mid-70s, the comedian has kept himself fit. Besides, the info on his waist, chest, and also hips is uncovered.

Jimmie walker Nationality and also Ethnicity

The comedian was born and brought increase in the United claims of America. So, he holds one American nationality. Similarly, Jimmie belongs to Afro-American ethnical background.

Is Jimmie pedestrian Married? Wife, and Dating History

From the moment Jimmie do his debut in the Hollywood industry, he has actually kept his romantic life private. So, most civilization assumed he to be a married man but, it every went in vain. Earlier in 2012, in among the interviews, Jimmie claimed that he had never married. Also, the comedian stated that he has actually no kids of his own. However, Walker shared that he had plenty of romantic relationships. Read Next: who Is Kelly Osbourne? The personal Life that The reality Star the "Celebrity watch Party."

Detail ~ above Jimmie walker Career together A Comedian and also An Actor

Will you think me if i say that Jimmie never had a dream of becoming a comedian till he obtained to perform a stand-up comedy in 1969. Before, Walker functioned at the Yankee stadium and also worked together a vendor. Then, his knowledge and also training in radio engineering led that to serve at the radio terminal WRVR. During his working period at the WRVR, Jimmie interpreted that there is great career limit in comedy. As a result, he began focusing top top his stand-up comedy. Next, Jimmie obtained to perform as a stand-up comedian indigenous 1969. Luckily, one of the casting directors of the an excellent Times found him after his figure on Jack Paar Show and Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In.
Then, Walker appeared in the fight series an excellent Times. And this gave him a enormous breakthrough. Even the comedian got a nomination in golden Globe because that the "Best sustaining Actor In A Television series for the great Times. Until now, Jimmie has starred in television shows like Tattletales (1974), Tony Orlando and Dawn (1974), The Love watercraft (1977), and more. Likewise, Walker has made his appearance in almost nine films, consisting of Let"s execute It Again (1975), hare Test (1978), Airplane! (1980), going Bananas (1988), The Guyver (1991), huge and Money Rustlas (2010). Plus, his other movies incorporate Super Shark (2012) and also David E. Talbert"s What Goes about Comes roughly (2012).

Some of Jimmie walker Quotes:

There are so many world that dislike you all the time, so once somebody loves anything the you do, you go "Yes! Finally!" also if it method the dyn-o-mite thing.The world hates us, yet the bottom line is we"re gonna have actually to present the civilization why castle hate us by battle the hell out of some human being that have been hurting us. That"s all. That"s the end of it.

What Is Jimmie pedestrian Net Worth?

The comedian and an actor additionally earned huge money via his profession. According toCelebrity network Worth, Jimmie has about $800K net worth.

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as he is still energetic and go comedy tours, his total fortune will most likely boost in the comes years.

Interesting Facts about Jimmie Walker

Jimmie is not active on any social media, consisting of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.His birth name is James Carter walker Jr.Jimmie is a Christian.The comedian describes himself together the Realist Independent. And Walker even stated that he didn’t vote for then-president Barack Obama.He is renowned for his catchphrase, "Dyn-O-Mite!".