Jim Nantz divorce was rather costly because that him. His ex-wife Ann-Lorraine “Lorrie” Carlsen Nantz asked because that a high amount which is $1 million because that alimony.

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This former pair was married ~ above 16th April 1983 whereby Jim was simply at the beginning phase of a career together a newbie. They divorced on 2 November 2009.

Source: new York post (Jim Nantz v his ex-wife Ann-Lorraine “Lorrie” Carlsen Nantz)

About kids of Jim Nantz

This couple welcomed their very first child, a beautiful daughter named Caroline Nantz about whom lock did not reveal much information. Concerning their daughter’s exact day of bear cannot be uncovered in any source but she was born in the year 1994.

Source: Fabwags.com (Jim Nantz v his ex-wife and also daughter Caroline Nantz)

His daughter is adhering to the course of her father by act an internship with CBS and also NBC as well as she functioned as a manufacturing intern top top “The Late show with Seth Meyers.”

Source: Fabwags.com (Proud father, Jim Nantz and his daughter Caroline)

How to be the relationship of Jim through his wife and also kids?

Despite Jim to be so involved in his career, he always had time for his family. As being so engaged in his career, he wanted the support of his spouse yet Anne stopped supporting him.

Jim had likewise mentioned throughout the court hearings because that the divorce that his wife had actually lavish security habits. This may be the factor for their not successful marriage however yet the genuine reason hasn’t to be disclosed.

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The plausible reason for the divorce!

Jim Nantz acknowledged that that was dating a 29-year old woman prior to the divorce was final. However, the referee concluded the marriage deteriorated years earlier and also said,

This remote occasion in no method contributed to the malfunction of the marriage.

Source: Alchetron (Jim Nantz)

After the divorce through his very first wife, he began seeing Courtney Richards. That proposed her on September 14, 2010. Furthermore, the married Courtney Richards in a ceremony at the Pebble beach Golf links in Pebble Beach, Calfornia ~ above June 9, 2012.

In photo: (Jim Nantz and current Family)

His wife, Courtney is a VP at IMG. This pair welcomed the infant girl on in march 14, 2014, as you deserve to see in the photo below.

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This couple again was blessed v a second child together a young on February 1, 2016. Currently, Jim is enjoy it his marital bliss v his wife and also two children.

Source: Player Wags (Jim Nantz blessed v baby)

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He is also known as one of the rare persons who statements contradict, however he makes finish sense. For instance,

“It’s a solitary journey, yet it’s one the no player … provides alone.”

Short bio ~ above Jim Nantz

Talented Jim Nantz is one American television personality that is best known as a sportscaster, author also as and actor. He is mostly well-known for the job-related in the telecasts of the national Football organization (NFL), national Collegiate strong Association (NCAA) division I men’s basketball, and PGA tour for CBS Sports. He is additionally commonly recognized as the announcer ~ above CBS’s top play-by-play team native 2004. More bio…