Jane Carrey is one American singer, songwriter, actor, and also instrumentalist. She is mostly renowned for being a former American Idol contestant and also for being the daughter that Canadian-American actor, comedian, and also writer Jim Carrey.


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If you have actually been asking, "Who is mrs Carrey's mom?" woman Carrey mom is Jim Carrey's an initial wife, Melissa Jaine Womer. Mellissa also works as an actor and also producer.

Jim and Melissa's marriage ended on December 11, 1995, when their daughter was just eight year old.

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Jane is of French, Irish, and Scottish lower from her father’s side and also a mix of English, German, Austrian, Welsh, Dutch, Danish, Israeli and Scottish descent from she mother’s side.

How old is woman Carrey?

As that 2021, mrs Carrey period is 33 years old. She to be born on September 6, 1987.

What walk Jane Carrey do for a living?

Jane is a musician and actress. Though she parents space Hollywood celebrities worth numerous dollars, she decided early in life come work hard for herself.

Before she entered music professionally, she very first worked on and off together a waitress for around six years. She stepped into the spotlight briefly once she auditioned for the eleventh season that American Idol.


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She survived the auditions phase after impressing the judges with her rendition that Bonnie Raitt's song, something to talk About.

The show's judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, and Steven Tyler, liked her voice and her potential and voted 'yes' for she to development to the Hollywood phase of the competition. She dubbed her father automatically after she obtained the gold ticket. Her father congratulated her and also spoke through the show's organize Ryan Seacrest.

Unfortunately, she can not do it past Hollywood week. Her American Idol journey ended when the judges sent out her house after an unimpressive performance of Creedence Clearwater Revival's Looking the end My back Door.

Jane Carrey performs on stage. Photo:
TheLandingatPinePointSource: Facebook

She did not let her American Idol loss avoid her indigenous making music. She started the mrs Carrey Band and became the command singer that the band. The band performs at assorted venues.


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Some of she songs, such as Sticky case and simple Beauty, have obtained impressive see on YouTube.

Apart indigenous singing, she play a character called Thump-Thump in an episode of the TV series Kidding.


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In 2017, Jane functioned as a playback singer top top a biographical documentary about her father, Jim Carrey. The documentary is title Jim Carrey: I required Color.

Jane has functioned on miscellaneous autism fundraisers and also safe vaccines campaigns alongside her father and also his former girlfriend Jenny McCarthy. McCarthy is one American actress and also a pro-safe vaccine activist.

What is jane Carrey network worth?

Jim Carrey daughter reportedly has actually an estimated net precious of $1 million. On the other hand, she father has actually a network worth that $180 million.

Is jane Carrey married?

Jane is no much longer married; she is at this time divorced. She was previously married to a fellow musician, yet the union did no last long.

She gained married top top November 14, 2009, come her currently ex-husband Alex Santana. Santana is the command vocalist that a hefty metal band referred to as Blood Money.


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Erin offered birth to her son, Jackson Riley Santana, on February 26, 2010. Erin's kid is Jim Carrey's only first and currently only grandchild.

When the news the Erin's pregnancy broke in 2009, Jim Carrey, that was really happy to come to be a grandfather, declared that the was an extremely excited; that also added that Jane was going to be a great mom.

Jane Carrey baby boy, that weighed 7lbs.11oz, is now 11 years old.

When his nephew was ultimately born, Jim excitedly damaged the news top top Twitter. The tweeted,

Jackson Riley Santana, mine Grandson, Born today! This is what 7lbs.11oz of California dynamite looks like!".

Two years after her kid was born, Jim Carrey's daughter's marriage ended. She and Alex Santana to be separated because that 10 months before their divorce at some point happened in October 2011 due to irreconcilable differences.

Details of her love life after her divorce space not public understanding yet. However, it is believed that the beautiful mom of one is currently single.


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Jane Carrey is the at sight talented only child of renowned actor Jim Carrey. She adhered to her father's footsteps by working in the entertain industry.

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