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Jim Bob Duggar Biography

Born together James Robert Duggar, Jim Bob Duggar is a genuine estate agent and also a television personality well-known for a TLC truth series, 19 children and Counting (2008-2015), and also Counting on (2015-present). He is also a politician and also was a member that the Arkansas house of Representatives(1998-2002) ~ above a Republican ticket.

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Jim Bob Duggar Age

Born top top July 18, 1965, Duggar is 55 year old together of 2020.

Jim Bob Duggar Height

Duggar’s elevation measurement stands at 5 feet and also 11 inches.

Jim Bob Duggar Family

Duggar’s father was called James Lee(1936-2009) and also his mommy was named Mary Lester(1941-2019).He has actually a sister called Deanna.


The Duggars are very strict once it concerns religion. They are devout independent Baptists and also they adhere to certain rules according to their religious beliefs. Their dress code must be modest and they can only watch family members television.

Jim Bob Duggar Wife

Jim Bob Duggar’s photograph with his wife Michelle

Duggar is married to Michelle Duggar because 1984.

Jim Bob Duggar Children

Duggar, together with his wife Michelle have actually 19 children. 9 daughters and 10 sons. The kids names and also dates the birth are as follows:

Joshua mock James, born on in march 3, 1988, and also is married come Anna Renee Keller.John-David, born ~ above January 12, 1990.Joseph joe Garret born ~ above January 20, 1995Josiah Matthew to be born on august 28, 1996.Jedidiah Robert born top top December 30, 1998Jeremiah Robert born on December 30, 1998Jason Michael born on April 21, 2000James Andrew born ~ above July 7, 2001Justin Samuel born ~ above November 15, 2002Jackson Levi born on may 23, 2004Johannah faith born top top October 11, 2005Jennifer danielle born on respectable 2, 2007Jordyn-Grace Makiya born on December 18, 2008Josie Brooklyn was born top top December 10, 2009.

Jim Bob Duggar Grandchildren

Duggar has 19 grandchildren together of September 2020. 10 granddaughters and 9 grandsons. Us see listed below the grandkids his sons and daughters have provided him as of September 2020.

Josh Duggar and also Anna Children

His Firstborn child Josh has offered him 6 grandchildren as of September 2020. The 6 are:

Mackynzie Renee, born on October 8, 2009Michael James born top top June 15, 2011Marcus Anthony born June 2, 2013Meredith elegant born ~ above July 16, 2015Mason Garrett born ~ above September 12, 2017Maryella hope born ~ above November 27, 2019

John-David Duggar and Abbie grace Burnett Children

Joh-David Duggar is married to Abbie Grace and also together they have actually one son named:

Grace Annette born top top January 7, 2020

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard Children

Jill is the 4th born the the Duggar family and she is married come Derick Dillard. Together they have actually two children. The 2 Jim Duggar’s grandchildren from his daughter Jill are:

Israel David Dillard born ~ above April 6, 2015Samuel Scott Dillard born top top July 8, 2017

Jessa Duggar and also Ben Seewald Children

These two have three children as the September 2020, two boys and also one girl. Well, the three grandchildren to Duggar are:

Spurgeon Elliot Seewald born on November 5, 2015Henry Wilberforce Seewald born ~ above February 6, 2017Ivy woman Seewald born may 26, 2019

Jinger Nicole Duggar and also Jeremy Joseph Vuolo Children

Jinger Nicole Duggar is married to Jeremy Joseph Vuolo. They have one daughter together and also are expecting a second one in November 2020.

Felicity Nicole Vuolo born on July 19, 2018

Joseph Joe Garrett Duggar and Kendra Renee Children

Joseph Joe Garrett Duggar is married to Kendra Renee and also together they have actually two children. This two kids are grandchildren come Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle and are named:

Garrett David born on June 8, 2018Addison Renee born top top November 2, 2019

Josiah Matthew Duggar and also Lauren Milagro Children

Josiah Duggar and also his mam Lauren Milagro has actually one boy named:

Bella Milagro born top top November 8, 2019

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and also Austin Forsyth Children

Joy-Ann Duggar is the 9th born the the Duggar family. She is married to Austin Forysth and also together they have actually three children. Your names space as below:

Gideon Martyn Forsyth born ~ above February 23, 2018.Annabel Elise Forsyth born top top June 26, 2019.Evelyn Mae Forsyth was born on respectable 21, 2020.

Jim Bob Duggar Career

Duggar is a real estate investor and also a television personality known for the TLC reality series 19 Kids and counting, a politician.

He owns several commercial nature in his regional area and was Arkansas residence representative indigenous 1992 come 2002.

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The real estate agent, together with his wife has written two publications titled:

The Duggars:20 and also Counting!A Love that Multiplies

Jim Bob Duggar net worth

Duggar has an estimated net worth of $5million.