alright i’m making a masterpost because i’m for this reason tired. This never acquire notes. Please give this one notes. I’m going to run v every single parroted argument. I’m going to run v every thought anyone engaged in this discourse has ever before had. Please give me notes. Not since i desire clout, i’m just so tired. So numerous of my short articles get notes. I would trade them all for this write-up to obtain notes.

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How old room Team Rocket?

25. They’re 25.

But I believed they were teenagers? too many of civilization have called me they’re 15/16.

so i’ve heard! i’m pleased come tell you exactly where the comes from.

1. This post, for part reason:


this caused mods locking the page, because this person was relentless.they would certainly go on team rocket’s pages every work and try to edit the ages ago down. again, i can’t prove this is the very same person, yet these edits happened within 24 hours of them including to the post. This is, in my expert opinion, the biggest change i ever before saw in people talking around team rocket’s ages. But there are various other things people carry up…

2. “Jessie said she was a teenager!”

she go this sometimes. Here are the time she go this.

- In episode 218 of the initial series, tree It Now… Diglett Later, the following exchange happens:


This would make Jessie 12. This is a joke. A to run gag in the display is younger characters calling Jessie sports on‘old lady/old bat/old hag,’ and James it s okay this treatment to a lesser extent. Jessie, however, is exceptionally vain and obsessed v youth/beauty, for this reason she frequently lies to good extentabout she age. Once Jessie says something like“Oh, I’m 13 years old ;3c” it is intended to bring the same feeling as“Aren’t i the many gorgeous creature walking this very Earth?” To Jessie, calling she old = calling she ugly. Calling herself young = calling it s her beautiful. This trope is usual with her details anime archetype–it is more of a Japanese thing, therefore while I understand it being lost on american audiences, the is no proof of her age.

Right after ~ this, Meowth phone call her out on it, questioning her wherein she learned thatmath, and Jessie angrily threatens him. It’s a joke.

- In illustration 56 that the initial series, The ultimate Test,Jessie is in disguise at a Pokemon league qualification exam. As soon as Ash starts offering her the‘she looks vaguely familiar’ side-eye, she panics and starts muttering information about herself aloud. I will be making use of the original Japanese line for this one:


Twenty years prior to Pokemon: The very first Movie, once this radio drama is stated to take place.It climate goes into a flashback, whereby we get to see Jessie’s mom in her search of Mew.


“Alright, one last question…why should I care?”

Because ever due to the fact that that write-up started circulating, it’s been Stressful together all hell to be a Rocketblogger. I know that us all had actually a lot of fun the town hall the pokemon anime when we to be kids, and we more than likely all have actually a the majority of shared and fond memories of it. But, weirdly enough, because of that shared joy… Pokeani is the only fandom where world who don’t even watch the display anymore will shot to define to members the the fandom what our very own lore is. And a the majority of the time, castle won’t listen to us once we correct them on your misinformation.

The factor this matters is since Rocketbloggers tho to this particular day get dubbed pedophiles & perverts because that drawing/writing smutty arts of our funny negative people. And when we try to close up door them under pulling every this evidence out, civilization who have seen a grasp of illustration of the show but understandably don’t have the time to watch 1100 episodes will pull the doth protest too much card. It’s stroked nerves but an ext than anything, it’s exhausting.

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So this is a masterpost i made v my autistic superpowers. I hope that, in the future, this one gets spread around much more than the one claiming them to be kids. And also I hope the maybe, if you’re a rocketblogger, once someone come in her inbox do the efforts to describe your favourite anime to you… you can quietly link them to this post and also no longer need to rehash every the arguments we’ve been rehashing for years.