Comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife Jessica have actually been married for 20 years — fairly the achievement! anyone loves seeing civilization who have actually made their connection last v the check of time. Interesting way enough, Jerry and Jessica’s relationship could have ended up looking really different — after all, Jessica was actually married to who else once they very first met. How did Jerry Seinfeld satisfy his wife? read on to discover out!

In the summer the 1998, Jessica was freshly married come Broadway producer Eric Nederlander, but she wasn’t happy. In a 2007 interview v the New York Times, Jessica said that she and also Eric had been having troubles in your relationship prior to their June 13 wedding. In July, Jessica and also Eric go on a honeymoon in Italy. 


Within 2 days of return to brand-new York, Jessica started moving her stuff the end of their common apartment. “She basically went ideal to mine grandmother’s residence from the airport,” claimed Jessica’s sisters Rebecca Shalam. Quickly after that, Jessica had actually a chance meeting with comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

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It occurred at the Reebok gym ~ above the upper West Side. Jessica said that Jerry approached her and tried to make her laugh while she was filling she water bottle. “I to be going with a complicated time, and I was approached through Jerry Seinfeld and he attempted to do me laugh, and I to be really no interested in gift entertained at that moment.” but Jerry didn’t give up. “He came around again and said something funny, and I actually had to laugh,” Jessica said.

Jerry invite her come a taping the his HBO special, and also she agreed to come. Soon afterward, Jessica said Jerry the truth around her existing situation. “I called him i didn’t think this was the right time for me to be involved with anybody,” she said. “I told him the story and he looked in ~ me v such compassion and also said, ‘Give me a hug.’ ns barely know this person and also all he has is compassion for exactly how much pain i was in.”

As that turned out, Jerry was even much more empathetic than most world might be concerning Jessica’s failed marriage. The revealed to her his very own failed relationship background — in 1984, he had been engaged to other comedian Carol Leifer (one of the inspirations because that the character of Elaine in Seinfeld), but ultimately dubbed off the wedding.

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Eric filed for divorce in October the 1998. Jerry and Jessica ongoing dating prior to getting involved in November that 1999 and also got married in December of that very same year — attach by comedian George Wallace, that was Jerry’s finest man.


At the time, Jerry and Jessica’s partnership was viewed as a little of a scandal because of Jessica’s recent marital relationship to someone else. However, much more than two decades later, we’d speak it’s pretty evident that Jerry and also Jessica were truly intended to be, and their relationship seems as solid as ever. They have three teenage kids, the earliest of whom just started college, and also judging through Jessica’s Instagram account, the family seems to yes, really love being together. Here’s to one more 20+ years!