Jerry Lewis at his Hand and also Footprint ceremony in ~ the TCL theatre in Hollywood in 2014. (FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Dean Martin and his wife, Jeanne, are shown with Jerry Lewis and also his wife, singer Patti. (AP Photo, File)

In his will, he detailed that Joseph is deceased, having passed away of a medicine overdose in 2009.

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Lewis, who passed away at period 91 of natural reasons on Aug. 20, instead left his potentially enormous estate to his widow SanDee, his 2nd wife, and his will says that his following in line would certainly be your 25-year-old adopted daughter Danielle.

The sons are all the offspring of his marital relationship to Patti Palmer, a singer the met and also married in 1944, a pair years before he created his double act with singer Dean Martin.

Lewis’ marriage to Patti lasted 36 years, together Lewis climbed to national prominence v Martin and also then top top his very own as the star and director of hit comedy films like “The Nutty Professor.”

The marriage was challenged by Lewis’ trysts with other women, who reportedly consisted of Marilyn Monroe, the daily Mail said.

Lewis was also rumored to have had a three-year affair with version Lynn Dixon, who offered birth come a daughter, Suzan Minoret in 1952, the daily Mail said. Minoret came forward previously this year to reveal that she to be living on the roads of Philadelphia and also was still waiting for Lewis to acknowledge her as his daughter,

Jerry Lewis showing up at his MDA labor Day Telethon in 1990. (AP Photo/Julie Markes, File)

Lewis, that nonetheless came to be just as renowned for his humanitarian work and his advocacy for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, never evidenced or denied that Minoret was his biological daughter.

In 1980, Patti asked for a legitimate separation, claiming the he “displayed one open disregard for our marriage,” the daily Mail said. She likewise ask because that $450,000 a year in assistance for herself and their youngest son.

Their divorce to be finalized in January 1983, and also Lewis married las Vegas dancer SanDee Pitnick. Lewis and SanDee adopted Danielle Sara Lewis in 2004 and also were married because that 33 years until Lewis died.

At some point, Lewis’ estrangement native his sons do headlines. In 2009, his youngest kid Joseph committed suicide after ending up being a drug addict. He was 45 years old.

In response, Lewis’ oldest son Gary Lewis, a musician known for his tape Gary Lewis & the Playboys, blamed his father for his brother’s death, reportedly saying “Jerry Lewis is a mean and also evil person. That was never ever loving and caring towards me or my brothers,” according to the daily Mail.

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Gary Lewis said he believed his brother’s death could have been prevented if he and also his father had been on better terms. “I think he partly passed away of a damaged heart,” the said.