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Born:March 16, 1926NewarkNew Jersey...(Show more)Died:August 20, 2017 (aged 91)Las VegasNevada...(Show more)Awards and Honors:Academy compensation (2009)Governors compensation of the Academy of television Arts & sciences (2005)Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award (2009)...(Show more)Notable Works:“The Bellboy”“The Errand Boy”“The family Jewels”“The women Man”“The Nutty Professor”“The Patsy”...(Show more)

Jerry Lewis, initial name Joseph Levitch, (born march 16, 1926, Newark, new Jersey, U.S.—died august 20, 2017, ras Vegas, Nevada), American comedian, actor, and director who unrestrained comic style made him one of the most popular performers of the 1950s and ’60s.

Lewis to be born into a vaudeville family, and also at period 12 he occurred a comedy act in which he mimed to records. That dropped the end of high school in stimulate to execute his specialty in brand-new York City theatres, burlesque shows, and nightclubs. He very first met singer Dean young name in 1944, and also two years later on they officially ended up being a performing team. Your act had Martin singing, Lewis clowning, and also both joining forces for a rousing finale that music and also comedy. Well-received performances in Atlantic City, new Jersey, and also at brand-new York City’s Copacabana nightclub caused an market from Paramount.

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Their an initial film, My friend Irma (1949), developed Martin and Lewis as box-office stars, and also the follow-ups My friend Irma goes West and also At War with the Army (both 1950) were equally successful. Martin and Lewis ended up being the most famous comedy team of the decade and appeared in 16 films in eight years, consisting of The Stooge (1951), Scared Stiff (1953), Living it Up (1954), Artists and Models (1955), and Hollywood or Bust (1956). They were likewise frequent television guests and part of a series of rotating hosts of NBC’s The Colgate Comedy Hour. The was throughout their stint with NBC the Lewis began his lengthy involvement through the Muscular Dystrophy combination (MDA).