Thinking earlier to the ’50s, we can record a glimpse of wherein rock ‘n roll truly began. It was an era wherein the an initial true kings of music obtained their start and also showed united state that music never needs to be boring.

One the the most controversial and entertaining civilization to hit the stage was none various other than absent legend, the “Killer”Jerry Lee Lewis. He has actually left the phase behind, bring about many civilization to wonder if he has died.

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Did Jerry Lee Lewis die?


Jerry Lee Lewis | Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Lewis’ many recent album is one native 2010 once he released his 40th studio album Mean Old Man. This also marked him as being in the music market for much more than 60 years. V so long in between now and his last album, many civilization wonder if he is tho thriving, alive, well, and also performing his heart out.

The reality is today, Lewis is still alive and also well. In ~ 85, the stays house with his wife Judith, that he married in 2012. In 2019, Lewis had actually a major stroke when at home in Nesbit, Mississippi. It caused mobility issues and some also felt the he may not survive it.

He overcame it, though. Recently, he also spent two days laying down tracks with Kenny Lovelace and James Burton, together with Lee Ann Womack and the McCrary Sisters.

The life and also times that Jerry Lee Lewis

Lewis joined sunlight Studios as a studio musician and also recorded his very first single Crazy eight in 1956. This song did fine locally, yet it wasn’t until one year later on that he collection the world on fire with Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On. It was a song that ended up being a struggle on pop, country, and R&B charts. This fun song also permitted him to truly express his fun-loving nature because he would play the piano while standing up and “shaking it”, which showed the civilization how lot energy and also enthusiasm he had.

His following single, Great Balls that Fire, more elevated his standing as “The Killer”. That hit the charts in December 1957 and also the following March released “Breathless,” which also became a hit. In 1958, Lewis exit High school Confidential, i beg your pardon ultimately became his critical hit song before his career in absent ‘n’ roll floundered.

This caused him turning to country music where he regulated to do a brand-new name because that himself through songs like Another Place, one more Time, Olde Tyme country Music, and Boogie Woogie nation Man.

How lot is Jerry Lee Lewis worth?

Lewis is well-known by plenty of as one of the Greats. He to be a part of the rock ‘n role era that set the bar for music as we understand it today. That is a guy that dedicated his whole life come music. For this reason, he has actually received many accolades over the years. Rolling rock has provided him the location of among the 100 Greatest nation Singers of every Time.

In 1986, Lewis to be inducted right into the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame, despite it was the relax of the 1989 biopic Great Balls the Fire that brought fans ago to his music. In the movie, Lewis was played by Dennis Quaid. He has actually been married a complete of seven times and also fathered 6 children, including the two that he and also Myra had, Steve Allen Lewis and also a daughter called Phoebe. Sadly, your son passed away at the period of three because he drowned.

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Despite troubles with his career and his an individual troubles, the is estimated that he has actually a network worth of roughly $10 million. For many people, this seems favor quite an accomplishment for a lifetime’s love that music.