JERSEY shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley shocked fans together she showed off a really different look in ~ a friend's wedding.

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The 35-year-old look at opted for a an ext natural look.


Jersey Shore's Jenni 'JWoww' Farley looked different in new photos indigenous a friend's wedding. Seen here with fiancé Zack Clayton CarpinelloCredit: Instagram

In one photo JWoww might be viewed posing alongside her costar Mike 'The Situation' SorrentinoCredit: Instagram

JWoww - actual name Jenni Farley - looked gorgeous in a busty black color dress through her lengthy brunette locks worn in loosened waves.

The mommy of two sported a pared under makeup look.

Taking come Instagram, she common a variety of picture from her publicist Robyn's wedding to she fiancé Michael top top Sunday.

In one photograph JWoww could be seen posing together Jersey shore costar Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino.

She additionally shared part photobooth image in black and also white with kids Meilani, seven, and Greyson, five.

Jenni shares she two youngsters with ex-husband roger Mathews, 46.



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The MTV star got involved to friend Zack Clayton Carpinello in March.

At the time, Roger said he was happy for his ex's brand-new love.

He claimed in a podcast: "I'm happy for her, man. I'm happy because that them.

"I don't recognize Zack well, yet what ns do know of the — he's not a really talkative guy, it's difficult to have actually a conversation v Zack because he doesn't speak much, for this reason it's type of tough to obtain to recognize him, but, friend know, I speak to mine kids. And also I don't ask direct questions yet from what i know, he's great to mine children.

"Jenni seems an extremely happy, castle seem really happy together. I have actually no factor to have any kind of beef with him whatsoever."


Back in March, JWoww showed up in a throwback video from the previous 10 periods of the series while the actors was filming their 4th season the Jersey Shore family members Vacation.

And pan couldn't assist but notice how various she looked.

Most notably, she lips now appear much bigger than they did once the series premiered in 2009.

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'I DON'T LIKE poignant MY FACE'

JWoww revealed she was against surgery on her face ago in 2014, telling People : "I nothing like touching my confront only due to the fact that I’m always scared you can never walk back. All those nose jobs and cheek implants and also stuff choose that, civilization get those and also can never ever go ago to what lock were. I love my nose.”

About Botox, she added: “I’m obtaining up over there in age – I’m around to it is in 30. Ns don’t like wrinkles. However I wouldn’t go overboard and also get the frozen confront when you trying to cry and look like you’re smiling.”

The TV personality had actually her an initial breast augmentation at 18 years old.

She likewise told Entertainment tonight in 2016: “I’m constantly the one that says, do it for the right reasons. I'm no getting any type of younger. I'm walking to do the non-invasive surgeries to continue to be youthful, to feel youthful."

The star added: "I love the way I look. Ns am totally open and also honest through it. I do not want a saggy confront in 30 years."