Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career have the right to be dubbed the story of two. There was the “before mom” portion, that comprises the mass of her career and there is the “after mom” part that she is right now working on. For this reason far, the talented actress, producer, singer, author, and also mother is as successful now as she to be then. She has just slowed down. As in method slowed down.

So if you’re wonder why you haven’t watched Jennifer Love Hewitt lot lately, we’ve acquired the answer.

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95% that Jennifer Love Hewitt’s career came prior to she became a mom two times over. She first burst onto the step in the kid show, Kids Incorporated. It to be a kid’s entertainment show featuring a lot of music and also dancing and also skits in between the musical numbers. Stars like Fergie, Mario Lopez, Ryan Lambert (Rudy indigenous The Monster Squad), and also Eric Balfour gained their start on the show. She it s long two periods on the selection show prior to she relocated on to various other series.

Fun note: as soon as she first began she career Jennifer Love Hewitt did not usage her very first name, she appeared as “Love Hewitt” in countless of her early attributed roles.

Jennifer Love Hewitt ~ above Party that Five

Jennifer Love Hewitt was no stranger to TV series in her at an early stage career. She was part of the Shaky Ground crew, relocated on come The Byrds that Paradise, climate McKenna and while she was busy and also active, her very first big push into the spotlight come in 1997 when she starred in the horror film I understand What you Did critical Summer v Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and also Freddie Prinze Jr. The movie to be a large hit among horror pan which resulted in the follow-up, I Still know What girlfriend Did last Summer that additionally saw Prinze Jr. Return because that a second time.

By this time, the young actress’s career was in complete swing. While starring in this features, she was additionally in the TV series Party the Five, which likewise made names of Matthew Fox, Scott Wolf, Neve Campbell, and also Lacey Chabert. It was also during this time the Jennifer made the movie she may be best known for: Can’t solid Wait.

JLH in The Truth around Love

As her career continued to blossom, Jennifer Love Hewitt included a pair roles whereby she played well known people. She played Audrey Hepburn in The Audrey Hepburn Story and also she played Frank Sinatra’s daughter Nancy in the TV series American Dreams.

After, she continued to bounce around genres certification in the kid’s movies Garfield and also Garfield: A story of two Kitties and also the rom-com The Truth about Love and also a quick turn in Tropic Thunder.

Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Ghost Whisperer

While she was additionally seen in the TV collection Time of her Life, her work was leading approximately her fight TV series, Ghost Whisperer. Jennifer Love Hewitt led that actors for 5 seasons, play Melinda Gordon, a young mrs who has actually the capacity to communicate with recently deceased earthbound soul aka ghosts.

Upon the perfect of Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt moved on to other projects. Strangely though, 2012 to be the critical time she make a function film, the forgettable Jewtopia. The success that her many TV series kept her on that track as she was seen in The customer List, Hot In Cleveland, and finally Criminal Minds. It to be Criminal Minds where her an initial “career” finished in 2015.



JLH is not only an actor. She has included producer to she resume and a singer. Her developing credits incorporate Ghost Whisperer, The customer List, and also the aforementioned forgettable Jewtopia. What may not be renowned is the truth that Love Hewitt is an completed singer. She started that portion of her career an extremely early on, releasing three CDs in the expectations of four years. Love Songs in 1992, Let’s go Bang in 1995, and the self-titled Jennifer Love Hewitt in 1996. She last release came in 2002 with the BareNaked CD.

To peak it every off, Jennifer is an author too. She published The Day i Shot Cupid in 2010 and then amazingly exit a five-issue comic book collection titled Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Music Box.



The currently 42-year old Jennifer Love Hewitt opened up come Working Mother when asked around her time far from Hollywood. “I operated when my daughter to be 8 month old up till my child was born ,” she explained. The actress took virtually three years off after her kid was born. “They to be like, ‘You’re in the middle of a career; friend can’t perform that.’ but I was like, ‘I can because that’s what’s in mine heart.’ I have so lot admiration for females who can have your babies and go straight back to work. Yet I necessary to job-related on myself, obtain into a various place prior to being may be to perform that,” and also that is precisely what she did.

Jennifer Love Hewitt married to fellow actor Brian Hallisay due to the fact that 2013 once their daughter was born. The couple, quiet married, had actually their boy in 2015.

Jennifer took the time she felt necessary before she stepped ago into the ring v the hit collection 9-1-1. Initially, she struggled v the decision to continue to be at home, then struggling as soon as she determined it to be time to occupational again. For her, though, the decisions were the ideal thing, other Jennifer Love Hewitt has made peace with.

Now, even though she is a continuous force top top 9-1-1, Jennifer Love Hewitt has certainly eased up on she workload. Lot of her extra-curricular occupational comes in the form of writing and wine. She is right now working ~ above a children’s publication while also releasing 2 wines v her husband Brian.

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Part the the factor Jennifer Love Hewitt has actually been missing from Hollywood is that she’s liven being a mom. However that’s only part of the story. Another large reason is the she simply burned herself out.

In one interview through the LA Times, Hewitt revealed that she worked hard mainly out the fear. She says, “I was afraid that ns was walking to lose it all.” at some allude she simply acquired tired. Include in motherhood and the death of she own mom in 2012, and also the actress part of her life feeling done. She still functions now and then, yet she’s happy gift at home.

PHOTOS in ~ 42

To celebrate she 42nd birthday, Jennifer Love Hewitt required to Instagram and posted the adhering to photo…

Though she doesn’t do numerous interviews anymore and seems to prevent the spotlight, she continues to be an active force ~ above Instagram where she posts memes and sponsored videos prefer this one…