Jennifer Lopez and also ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez have broken off their engagement.

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The singer and actress has actually been married 3 times and has damaged off an previous engagement, too.J.Lo has been married come Marc Anthony, the father of her twins Max and also Emme, chris Judd, and also Ojani Noa.

After main of speculation, it’s official: J-Rod is no more.

On Thursday, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announced your breakup in a share statement to TODAY. "We have realized we are better as friends and look forward to continuing to be so," the declare reads. "We will continue to work together and support each various other on our mutual businesses and projects. We wish the ideal for every other and one another’s children. The end of respect for them, the just other comment we need to say is say thanks to you to anyone who has sent type words and also support."

The official word comes after multiple reports the Jennifer, 51, and also Alex, 45, had damaged off their engagement on march 12. The next day, on march 13, the then-couple claimed in a statement come CNN the they were still together and were "working with some things."

A source also called People the the "In The Morning" singer has actually been mulling over ending her engagement come the former MLB player for the last 6 months.

RIP J-Rod. Here"s a look ago at J.Lo"s relationships—most that which, btw, finished amicably—and what she said she learned indigenous them.

Alex Rodriguez

Before all this **gestures broadly**, J-Rod not only seemed prefer the ultimate strength couple—but each other"s best cheerleaders. On march 10, 2019, the couple announced their engagement news ~ above Instagram, posting a photo of J.Lo"s ring along with a string of love emojis.

Alex gushed about his fiancé’s Super bowl performance in February 2020—and an ext recently, posed in a paper mask because that the beginning of J.Lo Beauty.

And just this past Valentine"s Day, J.Lo mutual on Instagram the February was the couple’s "special month" (it’s once they met and she learned the A-Rod has a "wickedly funny sense of humor").


The couple originally planned to gain married in Italy throughout summer 2020—but the pandemic had other plans. The pair had pushed ago their wedding day twice before calling the off.

"We had planned what we really, really wanted to do," Jennifer said in one interview because that Elle’s February 2021 issue. "I don’t recognize if we’ll be able to recreate that. We canceled it and since then, us haven’t yes, really talked around it."

At the time, J.Lo also said the "there’s no rush" and that the couple wants "to execute it right when we have the right to do it." She added, "We just need to wait to watch where the human being lands."

News of your breakup began when Page Six reported J.Lo and A-Rod had ended their engagement.

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Miami sources told the publishing that the previous fiancés to be on the rocks before calling off their wedding (originally postponed twice because of the COVID-19 pandemic). A source familiar v A-Rod said, "He’s currently in Miami obtaining ready because that baseball season, and she’s filming she movie in the Dominican Republic."

Multiple sources also confirmed the separation to People, through a resource saying, "This has been a lengthy time coming."

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