They were both from family members who made your names and fortunes in brand-new York actual estate. And, today, lock are well-known to plenty of as "Javanka" — Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, possibly the two world who had the most affect on former President Donald Trump throughout his four years in office. 

Both were provided positions as an elderly White residence advisors, through Kushner advising the president on whatever from how to achieve peace in the Middle eastern to exactly how to hit the coronavirus pandemic, if Trump"s duty was rather vaguer (via NBC News). In spite of anti-nepotism laws that exist so presidents don"t hire loved ones unqualified because that the job, Trump and Kushner were a consistent White house fixture for four years. However how walk they meet and also become among the most well-known couples in the world?

Jared Kushner to be born on Jan. 10, 1981, and grew up as the boy of major real heritage developer Charles Kushner, who eventually finished up in jail for financial crime (via Biography). Ivanka Trump to be born on Oct. 30, 1981, as the second child and only daughter of Donald and also his very first wife, Ivana trumped (via Biography). They both flourished up in brand-new York culture circles during the exact same era, so it seems favor destiny the they"d at some point meet and also become a power pair — very first in new York and also then across the world.

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The year to be 2007, and Jared Kushner and also Ivanka Trump had actually mutual girlfriend who thought their expert ambitions would turn them into good business partners, therefore those shared friends collection up a service lunch. Service quickly rotate personal, and also Kushner and Trump began dating. But, the next year, points took a turn, and the pair broke up, follow to Marie Claire.

The factor for the breakup appeared to it is in their religious differences. Kushner was elevated to practice modern Orthodox Judaism, when Trump comes from a Christian Presbyterian elevator and, at the time, would frequently sport a silver cross around her neck. That was expected to get married someone with the same spiritual beliefs, for this reason the two dubbed things off. However, their friends in high places really wanted them together, therefore Trump"s friend Wendi Deng — who was when married come Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch — invite them both on a yacht trip, and a reconciliation took place (via Marie Claire).

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Being top top a luxury yacht ~ above the high seas seemed to perform the trick because Ivanka Trump decided to convert to Judaism, i m sorry led Jared Kushner to current her through a five-carat diamond engagement ring. In 2009, they were married in ~ the Trump national Golf society in Bedminster, new Jersey, with 500 guests in attendance, and also the bride even wore jewelry from the Ivanka Trump heat (via Marie Claire).

The pair soon went on to start a family, and, as of this writing, they have actually three children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, who spent four years of your young lives roughly the White House. The trio adorably left your handprints in the Children"s Garden, a gift to the grounds indigenous President lindon B. Johnson, just prior to their grandfather"s term in office involved an finish (via The new York Post).

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Since leaving their duties in the White House, the human being hasn"t heard much from Kushner and Trump as they"ve make the efforts to distance themselves from she father and his cases that he in reality won the 2020 election. According to CNN, Javanka and their kids moved come a Miami high-rise together they waited because that their brand-new mansion to be built on a exclusive island in the area.