NICKELODEON star Jamie Lynn Spears left her kid acting days behind her as soon as she began a family.

Since 2014, the sister the Britney Spears has actually been married to Jamie Watson.

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The Jamie's have been married because 2014Credit: Getty

Who is Jamie Lynn Spears' husband Jamie Watson?

Watson, 39, is a Louisiana aboriginal who met Spears, 30, ago in 2010 complying with the split in between her and also her infant daddy Casey Aldridge.

He right now runs a firm that sells electronic devices to corporations.

In a TLC distinct "Jamie Lynn Spears: once the Lights walk Out," that aired ago in 2016, Watson explained himself as a "normal man with a common job."

He also admitted come not understanding who Spears was when they met.


Jamie Watson admitted to not learning who Jamie Lynn Spears was once they an initial metCredit: Instagram

What did Jamie Watson say around his sister-in-law Britney Spears?

After Brittany's emotionally testimony at she conservatorship hearing on June 25, 2021, Watson spoke out in assistance of his sister-in-law.

"I deserve to assure friend her family members loves her and also wants the ideal for her," Watson claimed to the brand-new York Post. "I wouldn’t be approximately people that weren’t. Who wouldn’t desire to it is in in assistance of Britney?"

Her testimony on Friday to be the an initial time in end 13 years the she spoke the end in open court around the conservatorship the was put in place ago in 2008.

Britney dubbed the conservatorship "stupid" and also "abusive."


Jamie Watson is always supporting his step-daughter MaddieCredit: Instagram

Do Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson have children?

The pair have a daughter together, Ivey Joan Watson, 3, who was born earlier in 2018.

"Ivey has lugged us therefore much joy in these previous 3 years, the was only fair that we had a celebration simply for IVEY, with every one of the things that fill her little spirit up with the very same joy and also love she shares v everyone about her," Spears claimed in one Instagram write-up celebrating Ivey's 3rd birthday earlier in April 2021.

While the couple only re-publishing one boy together, Watson is likewise the step-father to Spears' various other child, Maddie Briann Aldridge, 13.

Back in 2008, Spears stole the spotlight from her sister when she announced that she was pregnant at 16.

Jamie Lynn Spears' ex-fiancé Casey Aldridge is the father of MaddieCredit: Adams ar Jail

Following Ivey's birth in 2018, Spears speak to civilization magazine about being a mommy for a second time.

"As us all know, there to be a many chaos about my last pregnancy," she said. "I would say the being a mommy is gift a mom: that doesn't matter if you're in your teens or not, there have to be no pardon to not be a great mother. It doesn't issue what your age is."

Spears added that the just thing different between Maddie and also Ivey's pregnancies is the assistance system approximately her.


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Maddie's dad is Casey Aldridge, 32, that was arrested and charged with five counts of housebreaker of a warehouse house and also one count of burglar of a populated in 2020.

When Maddie to be 8 year old, she acquired into an ATV accident in 2017 yet has appeared to make a full recovery since and also continues come shine together a soft ball star.

Maddie and also her mom appeared on an illustration of Nickelodeon's dual Dare whereby they won $15,000 come donate come the brand-new Orleans Hospital that aided treat Maddie after the accident.


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