Jamie Lynn Spears is a prominent American singer and an actress. Jamie Lynn Spears is famous for her functions in “All That”, “Sweet Magnolias”, and “Zoey 101” among others. She is additionally popular because that her country music and as the younger sister the Britney Spears and also Bryan Spears.

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Table the Biography

Early Life

Jamie Lynn Spears to be born ~ above 4 April 1991 and also is currently 29 years old. She hometown is McComb, Mississippi, and her parents space father James and mother Lynne Spears. Similarly, Jamie has two enlarge siblings namely Bryan and Britney. Further, she prospered up in Louisiana.

Further, Jamie to visit Parklane Academy and also there she was a cheerleader, and point guard of the basketball team. She studied through tutors while filming Zoey 101 in Los Angeles and finished her education and learning via online correspondence. Jamie then obtained her GED in February 2008 with Tangipahoa Parish School device Adult education and learning Center.

Additionally, Jamie relocated to NYC through her mom and also sister as soon as she was only a couple of months old. It to be so the her sister could pursue she entertainment career. Throughout junior high school, Jamie additionally played on the school’s soft ball team. She climate took gymnastics after school, i m sorry sister Britney also did together a child.

Jamie likewise has several pets in her family. Her family members has 3 rottweilers namely Cane, Spotty, and Sebastian, a teacup poodle named Lady, a german shepherd; 2 Shizu-terriers named Mitzi and also Bitzi, a pomeranian named Izzy, and a couple of guard dogs. She additionally a brown Maltese dog called Ally and a Yorkie dog called Beau (2005).

Further, Jamie has English through smaller quantities (to varying degrees) the Italian, Scottish, Scots-Irish (Northern Irish), Irish, French, and also Welsh, ancestry. She maternal grandmother’s name is Lilian Irene Portell and she was an English-born war bride. Moreover, Jamie’s Italian genealogy is from one of her grandmother’s grandfather named Edward Richard Portelli.

Jamie is Graciella Sanchez’s sister in law and also she is additionally an aunt to Sean Preston and also Sophia Spears. Moreover, porcelain doll collection is her hobby and also she suffers native moderate asthma. Jamie is also great friends with Emma Roberts.

Career and Professional Life

Jamie Lynn Spears is an American singer along with being one actress. She is also the younger sister the Britney Spears. Moreover, Jamie is famous for her function as Zoey Brooks top top the Nickelodeon teen sitcom Zoey 101. She starred from 2005 come 2008 in this show. Climate in July 2019, Netflix announced that Jamie Spears has been actors as a series regular in the upcoming romance drama series Sweet Magnolias.

Moreover, Jamie came to be the subject of far-reaching media attention and controversy in the year 2007. Ago then, she announced her pregnancy at the young period of 16 years and this properly sent she career right into hiatus. Additionally, in 2013, Jamie released a job in nation music and also released she debut single How can I Want an ext along through her debut EP, The Journey.

Further, as an actress, Jamie was the youngest cast member of All the until Christina Kirkman come along. She was likewise a featured artist on previous pop-rap tape Triple Image’s variation of Girls just Wanna have actually Fun. Before being cast in All That, Jamie was in an E-Kara commercial. Moreover, she is a tomboy and also her favorite shade is pink.


Caption: Jamie Lynn Spears in addition to the cast of “All That”. Source: Instagram

More details

In February the 2002, Jamie Spears do her acting debut in the drama movie Crossroads. This film also stars she sister depicting the central character Lucy Wagner. Jamie Spears do a cameo, play the younger variation of Britney’s character. Complying with this, Nickelodeon actors her as a continuous performer in the eighth season of the lay out comedy series All That.

This season followed a two-year hiatus the the series. Then Jamie Spears shown various roles through the two seasons she appeared in as well as herself. Her performance received positive reviews from critics with plenty of complimenting she comedic timing and also being a to mark of the show.

However, Jamie Spears did no return because that the series’ tenth and also final season to pursue various other roles on the network. She make a guest appearance at Stars, Stripes and Skates skating gala in ~ Madison Square Garden in September 2002.

Then, in august of 2004, she signed a development deal with Nickelodeon. Spears would certainly star together the protagonist in her very own scripted TV series and the network would air she work. The series went on come be titled Zoey 101 and she shown the duty of Zoey Brooks.

The series centered ~ above Zoey and also her friends. They attend a fictional boarding school, Pacific shore Academy (PCA). She additionally recorded the collection theme song, title Follow Me. Her sister, Britney Spears composed this song. They filmed the collection at Pepperdine university in Malibu, California and it premiered top top 9 January 2005. The series was also the network’s highest-rated collection premiere in end eight years.

Awards and more projects

For this, Jamie Spears won a Young Artist Award and a Nickelodeon Kids’ choice Awards for her performance. However, Nickelodeon announced the 4th season would certainly be the series’ last season. The series finale, “PCA Confidential” aired on may 2, 2008. ~ the news that Jamie’s pregnant at 16, Nickelodeon authorize a explain stating that the network respect Spears’s decision to take it responsibility and also noting the its primary problem was for she well-being.

Moving forward, in December 2007, Variety announced Jamie Spears had signed on come guest show up in the abc comedy sitcom series Miss Guided. Jamie played the function of a promiscuous high school student. The personality is Mandy Fener who appeared in the illustration “Hot Sub” which aired on march 20, 2008. That exact same year, she also voiced the role of Goldilocks in the direct-to-DVD animation film Unstable Fables: Goldilocks & 3 bears Show.

Country Music

Following her relocate to Nashville, Jamie started working ~ above a country music album with a variety of local music producers. Top top 7 November 2011, she organized a tiny concert in ~ the Rutledge in Nashville. There, she performed a set of initial songs. Later, ~ above 25 November 2013, she exit her very first single How might I desire More from she upcoming debut album. The track debuted in ~ number 29 top top Billboard’s Hot nation Songs, and also at number 8 top top the nation Digital songs chart, because that the week ending 7 December 2013.

Billboard’s Kevin Rutherford described Spears’ performance together “sweet and innocent” however powerful. He likewise suggested that her song would fit best in at nation radio. Jamie additionally featured on she older sister, Britney Spears’s eighth studio album “Britney Jean” on the tune Chillin’ with You.

Then on 27 may 2014, she exit an EP dubbed The Journey. The EP peaked in ~ number 5 top top Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums, and also at number 24 ~ above Top nation Albums. Jana Kramer recorded a tune Spears co-wrote, I gained the Boy, which they released as the 2nd single indigenous the Thirty One in 2015.

Moreover, top top 15 march 2016, Jamie Spears performed in ~ the cool Ole Opry in Nashville. Her siblings, Britney and Bryan presented her. They made surprised appearances in ~ the show. Then on 24 June 2016, she exit her 2nd single, Sleepover. Spears defines this track as “young, flirty and empowering”.


Caption: Jamie Lynn Spears recorded during she performance. Source: Bustle

More tasks with Nickelodeon

Additionally, Jamie to be a presenter and also a performer in ~ Radio Disney Music Awards in April 2017. In an episode that aired on 13 July 2018, Jamie Spears returned to Nickelodeon for the an initial time in over ten years together a contestant ~ above the restored game present Double Dare, through her daughter Maddie. Castle competed versus fellow All That alumnus, josh Server & his niece. She team won over $15,000 and they donated it come the brand-new Orleans hospital that treated Maddie complying with a near-fatal ATV accident.

Likewise, in July 2019, Netflix announced that Spears has actually been cast as a collection regular in the upcoming romantic drama collection Sweet Magnolias. This is based on the novel collection by Sherryl Woods. Jamie dram a young woman named Noreen Fitzgibbons and she functions as a nurse. The character additionally wants to construct a brand-new life after ~ making bad choices.

Then in November the 2019, Teen Vogue reported that Jamie Spears joined Nickelodeon television’s new series, which is uniting 2 of the channel’s most iconic reflects from the past: All That and also Zoey 101. She plays her All That character, bodyguard, and also bacon enthusiast referred to as Thelma Stump.

Beyond Music and Acting

Jamie Spears has also been featured in several fashion blogs and also magazines choose Seventeen, Teen, Girls’ Life, Mizz, and Nickelodeon Magazine. She has also appeared in commercials and also print ads throughout she career. Moreover, Jamie also appeared in TV commercials for eKara, Pepsi, and also Clorox Bleach.

Then in 2018, Jamie appeared in an advertising campaign for Kraft v her daughter Maddie. She is also popular on social media and also she endorses products like beauty and also wellness assets on her Instagram handle. Jamie has likewise partnered v FabFitFun, KiwiCo, and Teami Blends.

Relationship Status

At present, Jamie Spears is married come Jamie Watson. The Jamie duo bound the node on 14 march 2014. Prior to Jamie Watson, she date Casey Aldridge native 2005 to 2010. The previous lovers were likewise engaged and also have a child together. Your daughter’s name is Maddie Briann.

When they had their an initial child, Casey to be 18 years old and also Jamie was only 16. The news of her early on pregnancy likewise put the actress’s career into hiatus. Jamie announced her pregnancy news ~ above 20 December 2007 in one interview through OK! magazine. Then on 19 June 2008, Jamie Spears provided birth to a daughter at Southwest Mississippi regional Medical center in McComb, Mississippi.

Further, Jamie Spears shown her engagement come Aldridge in in march 2008. This news come after she was reported attract an engagement ring. Climate in might 2008, the couple moved earlier to Liberty, Mississippi, and purchased a house. However, the pair called off their engagement in march 2009, and also Jamie Spears ended the relationship moving out in February 2010. Later on in respectable 2010, the pair reconciled yet ended their partnership again in November 2010.

Present Relationship

Jamie subsequently started a partnership with Jamie Watson. Watson is a businessman that owns communications service advanced Media Partners. Two years of on and off dating later, lock announced your engagement in march 2013. And also on 14 march 2014, lock married in new Orleans. V Watson, Jamie has a daughter called Ivey Joan. She offered birth to her 2nd daughter on 11 April 2018.


Caption: Jamie Lynn Spears through her household celebrating her youngest daughter’s second birthday. Source: Instagram


Jamie Spears’s pregnancy at very early age generated dispute as the media to be accused of using the story come glamorize teenage pregnancy. Some teens were disappointed with the contrast between her on-screen personality together a great girl and her real-life pregnancy.

On 4 June 2008, if in Amite County, Mississippi, the Spears family members filed a complaint against Edwin Merrino. Edwin is a paparazzo who, they believed, was following and also stalking the couple. However, he denied the allegation and also later to be released in the job after posting a $1,096 bond.

Body Measurements

Social Media and also Net Worth

Jamie Lynn is obtainable on number of social media platforms. She join Twitter in January 2010 and so much has 541.5k followers. Similarly, she has 2 million pendant on her
jamielynnspears account with 197 write-ups as of august 2020. Her facebook page has over 958 followers and her self-titled Youtube channel has 110k subscribers.

Further, us can also contact her at for inquiries. We can also send fan mails in ~ 11 Music Circle south Nashville, TN 37203, and 1800 Century Park East, Suite 1000, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

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Moving on, Jamie Lynn Spears has actually a net worth estimate of around $5 million dollars. She earns v her joining in music, acting, brand endorsing, and also much more.