James Stewart Jr., additionally known as the ”Tiger Woods the supercross,” is an American former expert motocross racer that won every race and every moto that the 2008 AMA Motocross season.

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He to be born top top December 21, 1985, in Bartow, Florida, as James Bubba Stewart.

His father to be a expert motocross racer in central Florida.

James gotten in his an initial motocross gyeongju at age 4.

He has actually 84 amateur wins and 7 Loretta Lynn’s Amateur Championships.

”I raced Loretta’s, and I think that i finished 41st the end of 42 people,” Stewart called Motocross activity in January 2020 about his very first big amateur race. ”My dad was simply happy that us made the there, and also I to be a part of it. It was a fun experience, however some of those children were so fast. Ns was 5 or 6 in ~ the time.”

James debuted together a agree in 2002. He won 10 out of 12 Motocross races in his rookie season.


Getty ImagesStewart earned many of his wealth from contending in the AMA Motocross and also the AMA Supercross Championships as a expert motocross racer. The won 3 AMA agree Motocross titles.

James additionally makes money native sponsors.

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His reality series, Bubba’s World, ran for two seasons. Therefore, former professional motocross racer James Stewart Jr. Has actually an approximated net worth of $20 million.