Jackson Michie confessed to tiktok followers that he was struggling with drug addiction throughout season 21 the Big Brother.

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The 25-year-old Nashville native, that won the present in 2019, make the expose in a TikTok video posted ~ above Friday, January 22. “My many terrifying write-up yet. I hid addiction from the world, won the show, and also won earlier my life,” he created in the caption.

“Before going right into Big Brother, ns was addicted to Xanax, struggled v Adderall and cocaine, and I took my last Xanax much less than 2 days prior to moving right into this show,” he evidenced in the clip. “At the period of 23, ns literally went with Xanax rehab, post-surgery recovery , on nationwide television for 100 days and also beat 15 civilization to be the winner of Big Brother 21.”


Michie is “proudly drug-free,” follow to his tik caption. He complied with up his initial write-up with another, in which he defined that he hope sharing his story on a public communication would assist him “to organize myself accountable.”

He went on come say, “I don’t desire to go earlier down the same routes that I’ve been down and also live the exact same life that I’ve lived.”

The truth TV personality formerly talked about his battles with seeks in 2019, throughout an figure on Lance Bass‘ “The Daily” podcast. He said at the time, “I had just began taking that prescription prior to coming top top the show. Occasionally we usage prescriptions as a crutch, I’ve to be there.” Michie told bass he believed he “was gonna have to self-evict” a couple of days into the season due to the fact that of his addiction, yet he to be able to press through.

Crediting the show for help him obtain clean, Michie said, “It’s what acquired me ago to me.”

While appearing on Big Brother in 2019, Michie was introduced to Holly Allen. They relocated in together in January 2020, gushing come Us Weekly about the Los Angeles apartment they to be sharing. “We both fell in love with the very first apartment we looked at,” the couple said at the time. They included that living together felt “natural” after life under the very same roof ~ above the CBS vain series.

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Although lock told Us critical year they were “basically attached in ~ the hip,” they damaged up in June after a year that dating. “Life works in stunner ways, and this previous year has actually been no exception. With the ups, the downs, the highs, and also the lows.. There has been one consistent through that all and that’s the remarkable woman standing beside me. Life has ongoing to occupational in means neither of expected, and sadly life will certainly be taking us in various directions,” Michie created in a declare on Instagram at the time.

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