Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho or Jackie Evancho to be born in 9th April, 2000. She is known as the timeless crossover artist native America. She also does acting and modeling.

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Jackie Evancho

Quick Bio

Evancho’s birth place was Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her father’s name is Michael Evancho who was in the security company for videos. Her mom is Lisa. She childhood was invested in Pittsburgh. She has one larger sister and one younger brother and a sister.

Jackie Evancho through siblings

Her enlarge sister Juliet is a transgender. She younger brother’s and also sister’s name is Zachary and Rachel. Her family members is Catholic. She i graduated from "Pine-Richland High School". She likewise took an online college course after became busy through her career. She also took singing lessons.

Jackie Evancho with her sister Juliet


Just before turning eight, she took part in a talent competition and got the 2nd place. After that she perform in many events. David Foster, a musician and also record producer noticed she talent in 2009. She perform in the "David Foster & Friends" occasion in 2009. Her solo debut album "Prelude come a Dream" to be released in 2009.

Evancho participated in the 5th season the America acquired Talent in 2010 and also became jogger up. After ~ that, she ended up being a nationwide sensation. She went for Live tour in ten cities. She signed a contract v Columbia Records and SYCO. With Columbia she released her first major EP record, "O divine Night". It was charted in ~ no. 2 place on the "Billboard 200".

The EP obtained the platinum certificate from the RIAA. She is the youngest solo artist in the USA, who acquired the platinum certificate. Her various other studio albums room "Dream through Me", "Heavenly Christmas", "Songs from the silver Screen", "Awakening, at some point at Christmas", "Two Hearts" and "The Debut".

Acting and modeling

Her acting career started with "High institution Musical". She likewise worked in "She"s out of mine League" because that a short duty in 2010. She was in the episode "Wizards that Waverly Place: earlier to Max" aired ~ above the Disney Channel in 2007.

She additionally did part modeling. She remained in "GUESS kids fall 2012" campaign. Later on she operated with "WhyHunger", "Sephora", "" and also many other advertisements. She also did many campaigns for publicly service.

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Jackie Evancho, GUESS youngsters fall 2012

Personal life

She is no married and also never claimed anything around her date life ~ above the media. She is a personal person and does no disclose her exclusive life. Despite in a YouTube video in 2016, she talked about a male she had dated, however did not reveal the identity.