American golfer Jack Nicklaus won six Masters Tournaments amongst his 18 career significant championships—both skilled records.

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Who Is Jack Nicklaus?

Born on January 21, 1940, in Columbus, Ohio, golfer Jack Nicklaus won two U.S. Amateur titles while attending Ohio State University. After turning pro in 1961, the "Golden Bear" won six Masters Tournaments, five PGA Championships, 4 U.S. Open up titles and also three British opens up for a record 18 major championships. That has due to the fact that expanded his organization interests and also earned renown as the head the a prominent golf course design company.

Golf Prodigy

Jack william Nicklaus to be born ~ above January 21, 1940, in Columbus, Ohio, to parental Charlie and Helen. Presented to golf when his father to be seeking to rehabilitate a broken ankle, Nicklaus verified a prodigy in the sport, shooting a 51 over nine holes at Scioto country Club at age 10.

Tutored by Scioto club agree Jack Grout, Nicklaus winner the Ohio open up at age 16 and also the global Jaycee small Golf tournament at 17. Together a student at Ohio State University, he won the U.S. Amateur title in 1959 and 1961, and also the NCAA Championship in '61. Nicklaus also served an alert to the game's height players by finishing 2nd at the 1960 U.S. Open with an amateur-record score that 282. That turned agree in November 1961.

Golden Career

Nicklaus conveniently emerged as one of the most dominant players top top the PGA Tour. Nicknamed the "Golden Bear," he had actually the strength to stop booming drives from the tee, but likewise demonstrated an exceptional touch ~ above the green and seemingly impenetrable nerves. Nicklaus won his first U.S. Open up title in 1962, and also claimed his an initial Masters Tournament and PGA Championship the complying with year. In 1966, he nabbed the only major title absent from his collection by to win the brothers Open.

Nicklaus gone beyond Bobby Jones's career record of 10 significant titles in 1973 and also was elected to the human being Golf room of call the complying with year, yet he was far from finished. He winner both the Masters and the PGA championship in 1975, and notched his sixth season v at least two significant victories in 1980 by recording the PGA title and also the U.S. Open. The golden Bear's last major title may have been his many memorable: beginning the final round that the 1986 Masters 4 strokes behind leader Greg Norman, the 46-year-old Nicklaus surged to a sizzling six-under-30 earlier nine to don the environment-friendly Jacket a document sixth time.


Jack Nicklaus swings during the the US an elderly Open in ~ Firestone nation Club in Akron, Ohio on June 5, 2002. (Photo: Sporting News via Getty Images)

Nicklaus joined the an elderly PGA tourism in 1990 and also competed top top a minimal basis in the consistent PGA Tour until 2005. Together with the six Masters victories, he captured five PGA Championships, four U.S. Open up titles and also three British opens for a record 18 major championships. Nicklaus likewise won 6 Australian open up titles and was called PGA Player of the Year five times, a repertoire of hardware and accolades the left plenty of believing he to be the best player in the game's history.

Business Interests

Nicklaus branched out to other service endeavors while still competing as an active player, notably taking a severe interest in the creation and also design that golf courses. His company, Nicklaus Design, has developed hundreds of courses across more than 35 countries.

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The golden Bear has likewise launched wine and apparel companies and also authored multiple books. Along with his wife, Barbara, he created the Nicklaus Children's health Care structure and committed the Nicklaus Children's Hospital in West Palm Beach, Fla., in 2004. In November 2005, he to be awarded the Presidential Medal of liberty by president George W. Bush.

Nicklaus continues to serve as an ambassador of the sports that made him among the world's most famous and also beloved athletes. He enjoyed a memorable pilgrimage to the pre-Masters Par 3 dispute in 2018, when his 15-year-old nephew Gary stepped right into the competition and also drilled the an initial ace that his young career. "My wins, that's OK, however to have your grandson do a hole-in-one and also watch him perform it, man, that's amazing," he said afterward. 

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