When the comes down to talking around iconic pop-culture figures, it"s pretty difficult not to point out Jennifer Lopez. The multi-talented star quite literally does that all. She sings, acts, performs, designs, and also is one all-around boss.

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According to Britannica, Lopez to be born Jennifer Lynn Lopez ~ above July 24, 1969 in Bronx, N.Y. At a young age, she take it dancing lessons and also had aspirations of ending up being famous one day. At the period of 16, she make her exhilaration debut in 1986"s My tiny Girl. Regardless of it being a little part, it was the begin of large things. In 1990, she showed up on the comedy collection In life Color after ~ she was actors as one of the "Fly Girls" dancers.

As time walk on, Lopez began to become a regular challenge on television. She appeared in Janet Jackson"s music video for "That"s The means Love Goes" in 1993 and also started to function in more films. However, that wouldn"t be till the so late 1990s (pictured over at 27 years old) once the windy really began to notification her. After starring in and playing the function of deceased singer Selena in the biopic movie of the same name, her career would quickly be in demand. However, acting wasn"t all Lopez want to do in life.

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After the success of Selena, Jennifer Lopez landing more big film roles in Anaconda, Out of Sight, and also The Cell, per Britannica. The new York-born entertainer was on the rise and establishing herself as one of Hollywood"s hottest actors. However, she had actually plans to be an ext than just a movie star.

In 1999, Lopez released her debut solitary "If You had actually My Love" and instantly verified she was a double-threat. According to Billboard, the tune was a substantial success and also topped the U.S. Hot 100 singles chart. She debut album, On The 6, to be released the exact same year and also has sold over 3.5 million duplicates in the U.S. Alone and also over 7.2 million in total worldwide, per Chart Masters. Lopez (pictured above at period 32) to be officially an international star, who continued to dominate the airwaves and big screen for the next decade.

Lopez ended up being a queen that rom-com movies. In 2001, she play the character mary Fiore in The Wedding Planner. Throughout the same time, she was promoting her sophomore album, J.Lo, and also broke an superior record by coming to be the an initial artist/actor to have a No. 1 album and film simultaneously, per MTV.

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Topping the charts and also appearing in box-office smashes was a regular thing for Jennifer Lopez in the beforehand 2000s. After starring in The Wedding Planner, she go on to take much more lead duties in Maid in Manhattan, Monster-in-Law, and also Shall we Dance? However, through the success, came a most failures too.

In 2003 Lopez and also her then-boyfriend, Ben Affleck, played the main personalities in the comedy movie Gigli. Also though the movie was claimed to make people laugh, that was heavily criticized because that its bad acting and likewise performed horribly at the box office, making only $7 million worldwide, per Box Office Mojo. As previously reported through GQ, it has been defined as "one the the worst movies ever released." at the 2004 golden Raspberry Awards, Gigli won Worst snapshot while Lopez (pictured over at 36 years old) took house Worst Actress. The complying with year, the movie was called Worst "Comedy" the Our first 25 years at the same award show.

Lopez"s music career to be going solid until the late 2000s. After a successful four studio albums, she sales began to take it a hit. In 2007, Brave to be her very first album come sell less than 1 million copies global and offered as tiny as 180,000 in the U.S. Alone, follow to Chart Masters.

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Jennifer Lopez and also her then-husband Marc Anthony, invited their twin children, Emme Maribel Muniz and also Maximilian David Muniz, on Feb. 22, 2008, according to MTV. The mom-of-two kept a relatively low profile for a pair of year after giving birth.

In 2010, Lopez returned to the huge screen for the very first time in three years and also starred in The Back-up Plan together Alex O"Loughlin. The rom-com came out on top at package office and also grossed over $77.5 million worldwide, every Box Office Mojo. Together with acting, Lopez was all set to do a return to the music scene and also collaborated with rapper Pitbull because that "On The Floor" in 2011. Follow to Chart Masters, the solitary was a worldwide smash and also sold end 9 million copies, ending up being her best-selling song by a mile. The single was taken from her first album in 4 years, Love?, i beg your pardon sold much more copies than her previous 2 studio albums.

In 2011, Lopez (pictured over at 42 year old) ended up being a judge on American Idol and was payment an exceptional $12 million because that her an initial season, every StyleCaster. The "Love Don"t cost a Thing" hitmaker"s salary conveniently shot up to $17.5 million in 2013, make her one of the show"s highest-paid judges. Lopez"s career was clearly back in demand and also the public had fallen in love v her again. In December 2011, she was called the "world"s greatest musical comeback act," according to Los Angeles Times.

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Jennifer Lopez"s love life throughout her career has been well-documented. After all, she has actually dated some really high-profile men and has also tied the knot 3 times.

According to Oprah Mag, Lopez gained married in February that 1997 to Cuban waiter Ojani Noa, that she filed for divorce from less than a year later. Her very first high-profile partnership in the spotlight, however, was v rapper Diddy in 1999. Their connection lasted two years and also has stayed a memorable moment within popular music culture. The exact same year of their split, Lopez walked under the aisle with backup dancer kris Judd. However, choose her an initial marriage, it was over much less than 12 months later. Lopez additionally found love through actor Ben Affleck in 2002. The pair lasted 2 years before calling off their engagement in 2004.

Lopez"s third marriage was through Latin star Marc Anthony. Lock tied the knot in 2004 and also welcomed their pair children, Emme Maribel Muniz and also Maximillian David Muniz, in 2008. Three years later in July 2011, the pair announced they were breaking up. Lopez"s (pictured above at period 49) most-recent love story is with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. As reported by ELLE, they announced castle were dating in might 2017 and got engaged in in march 2019. All seemed well until separation rumors surfaced in march 2021.

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Throughout the ups and downs, Jennifer Lopez is still on top of she game and also her career which is an extremely much in demand. In 2016, she carry out in her own Las vegas residency, All i Have, in ~ the Zappos Theater. The show ran for 2 years and also sold 487,303 tickets and also grossed $101.9 million at the box office, ending up being the sixth many successful vegas residency of every time, every Billboard.

In 2019, Lopez (pictured over at 51 years old) starred in Hustlers alongside Constance Wu and also Julia Stiles. The big-screen movie to be a substantial success, grossing end $157 million at package office, according to Box Office Mojo. Lopez"s function as Ramona Vega was praised by Rotten Tomatoes together a "career-best performance."

In February 2020, Lopez performed in ~ the Super key halftime display in Miami with other Latin superstar Shakira. According to Market Watch, their show-stopping collection was watched by one astonishing 104.1 million people. In January 2021, Lopez introduced her very own skincare line, JLo Beauty, per Emirates Woman, and also is currently a judge on the talent present competition World the Dance. In 2022, she is booked to star in a brand-new rom-com movie, Marry Me.

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Lopez"s difficult work transparent the years has actually morphed her right into a successful business mogul who is worth $400 million.