Idris Elba, who has two kids from previous relationships, worked out any confusion about welcoming a 3rd child



After a current interview through the actor led to some confusion, Elba went on Twitter to clear up any type of doubt end whether he had actually his first child with wife Sabrina Dhowre. Elba is currently dad come 18-year-old daughter Isan and also 6-year-old son Winston indigenous previous relationships.

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Sabrinadhowre and i thank you for all the congratulations yet we haven’t had actually a baby.. .. That’s no true Don’t think everything friend read. Stay safe," Elba wrote, tagging his wife.

The confusion started as soon as Elba claimed he's "a father of 2 boys" in an interview v ET Canada when talking about his brand-new movie Concrete Cowboy. The gibbs plays the father of a young black teen cultivation up in America, i beg your pardon Elba claimed "resonated" v him.

But ET Canada later updated their story come reflect that a resource clarified Elba was talking around his godson in addition to his kid Winston, no a third child.

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Elba, 48, and also Dhowre married in April 2019 after getting involved in February 2018. The pair met and fell in love while he was making his 2017 thriller The Mountain between Us.

The film — which speak the story the a man and also a mrs (played by Kate Winslet) who get stranded in the wilderness after ~ a plane crash — was filmed in Canada, where the London native finished up catching Dhowre’s eye.

“Falling in love while making a movie around falling in love is quite special,” the gibbs told’s previous Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle in an episode of The Jess Cagle Interview.

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The pair made their first public appearance with each other at the premiere of Molly’s Game during the Toronto global Film Festival.

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