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Clinton poll in support of HR 1424 - jae won Asset purchase Authority and Tax regulation Amendments. The invoice passed the Senate on October 1, 2008, by a vote of 74-25. The invoice authorized the formation of the Troubled heritage Relief regime for the Treasury Secretary to buy troubled assets native financial institutions. Voting was break-up in both parties.<8>

Secure Fence Act

Hillary Clinton incumbent64%3,008,428     Republican john Spencer 29.6%1,392,189     Green Howie Hawkins 1.2%55,469     Libertarian Jeffrey T. Russell 0.4%20,996     Socialist employees roger Calero 0.1%6,967     Socialist Equality william Van Auken 0.1%6,004     N/A Blank/Void/Scattering 4.5%210,579Total Votes4,700,632



On November 7, 2000, Hillary Clinton won choice to the United states Senate. She defeated Rick Lazio (R), note J. Dunau (G), Jeffrey E. Graham (Independence), john O. Adefope (Right to Life), man Clifton (L), louis P. Wein (Constitution) and Jacob J. Perasso (Socialist Workers) in the general election.<15>

U.S. Senate, new York general Election, 2000
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Hillary Clinton project contribution history
2006U.S. Senate (New York)
Grand full raised$83,177,405
Source: <<16> follow the Money>



Clinton won election to the U.S. Senate in 2006. Throughout that choice cycle, Clinton"s campaign committee raised a total of $51,567,723 and spent $40,828,991.<17>

Cost every vote

Clinton spent $13.57 per vote obtained in 2006.

United says Senate, 2006 - Hillary Clinton campaign Contributions
Total Raised$51,567,723
Total Spent$40,828,991
Total raised by basic Election Opponent$5,849,610
Total invested by basic Election Opponent$5,660,688
Top contributors come Hillary Clinton"s campaign committee
Citigroup Inc$236,610
Goldman Sachs$205,670
MetLife Inc$156,060
Time Warner$146,390
Corning Inc$135,750
Top 5 markets that contributed to project committee
Lawyers/Law Firms$4,307,478
Securities & Investment$2,744,933
Real Estate$2,308,936


Department budget

U.S. Department of State<18> annual Budget YearBudget (in billions)% distinction from ahead year
Note: 2014 only represents the Department"s spending plan request, not an spreading budget.

Ideology and leadership

See also: GovTrack"s political Spectrum & Legislative management ranking2009

Based on an analysis of bill sponsorship by GovTrack, Clinton to be a rank-and-file Democrat together a senator.<19>

Net worth

See also: transforms in network Worth the U.S. Senators and also Representatives (Personal gain Index) and also Net precious of United states Senators and Representatives2011

Based on conference financial disclosure forms and calculations made available by, Clinton"s net worth together of 2011 was estimated in between $5,710,008.00 and also $26,551,000.00. That averages to $16,130,504.00, i beg your pardon ranked sixth amongst members the the executive branch. Her median calculated network worth<20> diminished by 48.3 percent from 2010.<21>


Based on congressional financial disclosure forms and also calculations made easily accessible by, Clinton"s net worth as of 2010 to be estimated in between $10,740,011.00 and $51,654,000.00. That averages come $31,197,005.50, i beg your pardon ranked fifth amongst members that the executive, management branch.<22>

After the 2016 presidential campaign

Involvement in 2018 primaries

In Florida’s 27th conference District, Clinton endorsed Donna Shalala in the gyeongju for what some observers referred to as the most breakable Republican district in the country. Shalala, a previous Clinton administration official and also head that the Clinton Foundation, confronted a challenge from state Rep. David Richardson, a supporter of Medicare for All.

Clinton also endorsed new York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his re-election bid. He challenged former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon, who dubbed herself a progressive alternative to Cuomo.

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Note: Please call us if the personal information listed below requires an update.Clinton is married to previous U.S. President invoice Clinton. They have one daughter, Chelsea.

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