For hefty D and his crew in ~ DiselSellerz, there is nothing an ext fun than structure extreme rides, the larger the better. And also while hefty D is most linked with diesel trucks, the man have the right to work on basically anything that has actually an engine and also runs on wheels. Over the years, D has operated on countless vehicles consisting of his very first motorcycle, a 1976 Yamaha YZ80 come his most famed creation, the Mega lamb Runner. Because that D, mechanics are there to be moved to their limit. And also while over there is a fine line between overworking machinery and also pushing it to its limit, heavy D manages to attain the benchmark every time. In this article, we take a closer look in ~ the wiki-bio that Dave Sparks AKA heavy D.

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A man of secrets:

For all his appearances in fact TV, hefty D seldom talks around his childhood. The is believed to be born sometime throughout the so late 1970s. Small is known around his early life including details on his parents, early life, and also birthplace. Yet going from his an abilities while functioning on vehicles, that is for sure to to speak that heavy was an automobile enthusiast from a reasonably young age. The spent lot of his beforehand life including his highschool days researching auto mechanics, welding, and also fabrication.

Diesel brothers star hefty D

Professional Career:

After graduating indigenous high school, Dave started managing an ATV and also motorcycle rental business for his near friend and mentor, wealthy Eggett. The experience proved to it is in invaluable for Dave who was in search of a method to get into the vehicle industry. Midway v his career, Dave made decision to enroll at Weber State University. However after studying one semester, Dave watch realized that he might learn more from the real world than while sitting in a classroom. Therefore dave quit college at 21 year of age and started operating heavy equipment for his uncle’s construction business. This brief stint later on turned into a full time commitment for Dave who started his own little excavation business structure rock walls, waterfalls, and other types of landscaping.

Starting DieselSellerz:

Heavy D met Diesel Dave in ~ a hangout and also invited Dave come come v him to the lake. After putting gasoline all over his truck, hefty D was helped by Diesel come siphon the truck. As a result, the pair finished up bonding and also started their own business. Licensed has been granted DieselSellerz, the company focused on heavy diesel trucks. The agency is well known for its quality supplies and over the height giveaways that happen roughly the year. The pair also co-wrote a book. Entitled The Diesel Brothers: A Truckin’ Awesome guide to Trucks and Life, the book features epic and also inspirational story behind hefty D and also Diesel Dave’s organization and personal lives, native the guys’ first meeting to their at an early stage adventures building DieselSellerz.

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Personal Life:

Heavy D is a married man and also has to be so for a while. The pair met in 2009 at among the occasions for singles. This was additionally where he met Diesel Dave a few years prior. Heavy D is happily married to Ashley Bennet Sparks and also the pair have been together since 2010. In your ten years of togetherness, the pair has actually three lovely kids Charly, Beau, and also Mack. The family members of 5 lives in Arizona, Utah.