Heather Locklear is known in Hollywood for her work-related as a blonde bombshell and also acting heavyweight that starred in standard shows favor Melrose Place, T.J. Hooker and also Dynasty. However to her daughter, Ava Sambora, the six-time gold Globe-nominated actress is simply “Mom.”

“I to be never concerned with your fame, if you recognize what i mean,” the college graduate stated to Wingman in 2019, showing on she childhood and being elevated by Heather and dad Richie Sambora. “It was type of surreal to come right into that realization, since they are just Mom and Dad.”

Ava claimed it wasn’t till she was older that she construed “how an international celebrated” she parents are. “All of a sudden it becomes clear how extremely talented castle are, and also it becomes an also bigger privilege because that them to be my parents on a larger scale, outside of the day-to-day family members basis.”

Heather’s journey to motherhood goes back to the 1990s during her marriage with the previous Bon Jovi guitarist. The Perfect Man star and also Richie wed in 1994 and also started their family, welcoming their only child, Ava, ~ above October 4, 1997.

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Throughout the early years of Ava’s childhood, Heather and also Richie raised their girl with each other while juggling their separate careers together A-listers. Once Ava was just 8 years old, though, heather filed for divorce, and also their break-up was finalized more than a year later on in 2007.

Despite walking their separate ways, the Spin City actress and also Richie have actually maintained a beautiful coparenting relationship. In 2014, the iconic musician opened up up around the end of your romance, speak the two will always respect every other.

“Time does heal old wounds. Ns mean, ns still love Heather and I recognize she loves me,” Richie told People. “She’s the mommy of mine child, man. What deserve to you say?”


Aside from reflecting Ava the they’re ready to placed their distinctions aside, Heather’s mini-me claimed her mother is teaching her so many important lessons about life. Since Ava desires to follow in Heather’s acting footsteps, the Los Angeles indigenous is passing under her tips and tricks for paving a effective career.

“The best advice mine mother ever before gave me was not to take every little thing so personally,” Ava called Wingman. “There are going to be a thousand times you’ll hear ‘no,’ however it just takes a few yeses, and also waiting for those yeses will certainly be precious it, and I think it is such crucial mindset to have actually in this business.”

With Heather’s beauty and brains, yes no doubt Ava is walk to go far!

To check out a roundup of the mother-daughter duo’s best twinning pics, scroll v the gallery below.


Blonde Beauties

Heather uploaded a picture of the pair wearing corresponding dresses and also donning similar hairstyles while celebrate Ava’s college graduation in July 2021. The love daughter comment on her mom’s Instagram post, writing, “My finest friend! ns love girlfriend so lot my mama bear.”


So Sweet

The actress wrapped she arm around her daughter as they posed because that a pic in November 2017. “Especially thankful because that you,” heather gushed.


Unbreakable Bond

The duo had their long blonde locks top top full display while celebrating Ava’s birthday in October 2016. “Happy 19th date of birth to my favorite human being in the world! Love, mommy,” heather penned.

Seeing Double

The Flirting through Forty alum and also Ava looked stunning in their dresses for the premiere of Scary Movie 5 in April 2013.

Like Mother, choose Daughter

Ava didn’t leaving her mom side together they to visit the premiere of Justin Bieber‘s Never to speak Never movie in February 2011.

Fashionable Ladies

The twosome looked so stylish because that the screening the Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: ideal of Both people Concert in January 2008.

Adorable Family

Heather organized her tiny girl’s hand when attending a concert celebration for the U.S. Marines referred to as Rockin the Corps in April 2005. The Hollywood star wore a cowboy hat while Ava wore a bandana on her head.

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