Bachelorette: What happened To Hannah B After gift Season 15 lead Hannah Brown"s season that The Bachelorette finished in 2019. Here"s what the previous beauty queen has been doing since then - she"s to be busy!

The Bachelorette Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown was one of the most famous Bachelorettes ever before when she season aired in 2019. Season 15 of The Bachelorette to be truly one of the most dramatic seasons ever, as her last pick Jed Wyatt turned out to it is in no good. The dog food jingle-writer turned out to have had a girlfriend before he left because that filming, that he promised he"d come back to as soon as he gained eliminated. He never ever did acquire eliminated, that is until Hannah confronted him about his lies and broke off their engagement.

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Since she season ended, Hannah Brown hasn"t really left the spotlight. Beginning with the After the final Rose reunion episode where Hannah asked she runner-up Tyler Cameron ~ above a date, the former pageant queen has frequently been adhered to by paparazzi. Photographers revealed that she undoubtedly met up v Tyler C. After the season ended, as she was shown leaving his house with a suitcase not lengthy after the AFTR special. Her will-they won"t they v Tyler is component of the reason she"s continued to be in the spotlight, yet her own accomplishments are just as interesting.

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Following her season the The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown was invite to be on Dancing v the Stars. together a former dancer, Hannah was ecstatic, however the season proved an overwhelming as she occasionally clashed v the judges. However, due to her solid fanbase, she went on to win the season v her dance companion Alan Bersten. Rumors arised that the two were maybe much more than simply dance partners, yet those went away as soon as Hannah met earlier up v none other than Tyler Cameron himself.

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Hannah reconnected with Tyler adhering to his mother"s death. She had actually met Tyler"s mom on the show. She was acquiring to know him and also his friends in his hometown of Jupiter, Florida, when the lockdowns brushed up the country due come COVID-19. Hannah moved into Tyler"s house, i m sorry he mutual with many of his friends, including the present Bachelor Matt James. The housemates dubbed themselves the "Quarantine Crew" and posted dances, silly pranks, and also workout videos to their social media. Also though fans enjoyed finding small clues that Tyler and Hannah were dating during this time, the 2 came out and said the they were simply friends.

The Quarentine Crew Tyler Cameron and also Hannah Brown
Hannah moved ago home to Alabama in April the 2020, and it to be there that she gained in huge trouble for saying the n-word while rapping follow me to a song in an Instagram live. ~ a couple days of not addressing it, Hannah exit an apology and promised to perform the work and be "part the the solution." adhering to her apology, she frequently had guest speakers come on she Instagram to discuss race in America. Matt James was standing by his friend Hannah, which part fans think is part of the factor he was favored as The Bachelor. But he"s now proven the he is not afraid to was standing up against racism. Recently, old picture of Hannah in an antebellum-style dress in 2013 have actually surfaced, despite she hasn"t challenged as much criticism together Rachael Kirkconnell, who triggered a reckoning in Bachelor Nation.

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Over the summer of 2020, Hannah moved to LA, where she became roommates through Heather Martin, Matt James" check party-crasher. Hannah now lives alone and also has her own YouTube channel, where she freshly told her viewers the she was date someone. That someone to be revealed to it is in Adam Woolard, a model and lifestyle coach indigenous Tennessee. The pair have been photographed in LA wherein they it seems ~ happy, and Hannah just released a YouTube video clip called "Date Night through My Boyfriend." Sadly, Adam didn"t do an illustration in the video, however we"re sure he took pleasure in the day that Hannah set up for him. It"s to be a very busy two years because that 26-year-old Hannah Brown, and also she"s to be open and also honest with her fans v it all.