On Instagram yesterday, to do Berry mutual a rare photo of her daughter, Nahla Aubry, who she shares with ex Gabriel Aubry, as she officially enters her teenage years.

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In the photo, Berry holds Nahla close together the camera captures the 2 mid-laugh. "No issue how countless times i tell her i love her, ns love her more than that," Berry composed in the caption. "Happy 13th birthday Nahla Boo 💜."

Later on she Instagram Story, the Catwoman actress likewise shared image of how they were celebrating Nahla"s large day, consisting of a cake with rainbow sprinkles and 13 high pink, blue, and also purple candles.

"I love girlfriend Nahla boo," Berry wrote over the photos. "Here"s come 13 beautiful years about the ☀️."

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Berry is likewise mom to seven-year-old Maceo Martinez, who she shares with ex Olivier Martinez. The actress speak to InStyle in 2019 around her endure with motherhood.

"Being a mommy is the ideal job, yet my kids don"t care around who ns am outside of this house," she called the magazine. "My daughter obtained a feeling of that I to be from friends at school. And also — this is funny — because that the last year, my son has actually been saying my complete name yes, really loudly in public like, "Halle Berry, have the right to you pass me the ketchup?" It"s simply so embarrassing! He knows it it s okay a reaction native people, yet he can"t quite number out why."

She added, "The only thing I desire at the finish of the day is for my youngsters to say, "You weren"t perfect, you didn"t do whatever right, however you to be a great mom." i spent virtually 10 years gift in mommy mode. Now that my youngest is beginning kindergarten, ns feel prefer I can get earlier into mine life, and that"s important. I want to keep difficult myself and proving the I can still monitor my passions, take it risks, and also take on personalities who make me feeling alive."

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