You may remember Hailie, she mentioned countless times in Eminem’s songs. She do an illustration in “Mockingbird” and Hailie’s Song” amongst others. Pan young and also old have kept up v her on her IG, wherein she has 2.1 million followers.

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Credit: Alaina Scott Instagram

Alaina Marie is a body-positive influencer top top Instagram, and also inspires females to empower various other women. Her articles are beautiful, natural, and full the joy.

Because the this, she’s attracted over 24K followers.

Alaina is Eminem’s niece, that was born under the name Amanda come his pair sister, Dawn. Sadly, Dawn passed far from drug abuse in 2016, and also because the this, Em stepped increase to lug her right into his family.

In his lyrics, she’s often referred to together “Lainey”. She’s mentioned countless times through his lyrics, in the song “Mockingbird” in particular.

Alaina difficulties convention on her IG feed. Provide her a follow, she’s as much as some an extremely influential and also exciting things.

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We hope you’ve appreciated this upgrade on Eminem’s 3 talented and also fascinating daughters.