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2002: Simone Biles at age six with younger sister, Adria.

Simone Biles was born in Columbus, Ohio. Both of she parents struggled v alcoholism and drug addiction. She birth father abandoned the family, and her mother, Shannon, was unable to care for Simone and her 3 siblings. ~ spending time in foster care, three-year-old Simone and her younger sister, Adria, were embraced by Shannon’s father, Ron Biles, and his second wife, Nellie. Simone’s older brother and also sister were adopted by Ron Biles’s sister. Ron Biles is an Air force veteran and also former air traffic controller. Nellie is a trained nurse who owned and also operated a string of nursing homes in the Houston area. They provided Simone and Adria a secure upbringing in Spring, Texas, a suburb the Houston, and the girl have always regarded Ron and Nellie as their mother and father. From the beginning, Simone to be an active child, running and also jumping wherever she could. Her organic strength and also high energy an unified with one unusual degree of physical daring. “Just a very brave child,” is just how she explains herself at that age. ~ above a daycare ar trip at age six, she was required to a gym and also saw older girl practicing gymnastics. As soon as the coaches observed the six-year-old Simone effectively imitating the accomplishments of girl in their teens, they created a note to the family saying that the son take constant gymnastic classes. She started a training program at Bannon’s Gymnastix in Houston through Coach Aimee Boorman. The energetic son took to the training easily and collection out on the lengthy road to becoming a champion.

October 6, 2013: 16-year-old Simone Biles of Team USA ~ winning the gold medal in the floor exercise final of the creative Gymnastics world Championships held at the Antwerp Sports palace in Antwerpen, Belgium. Bilesbeat a field of Olympians to victory the people all-around location in her very first major global meet. (Dean Mouhtaropoulos)

The exuberance and boundless power that do Biles a star pupil at Bannon’s Gymnastix posed a different difficulty to her teachers and classmates in windy school. At an early age, she received a diagnosis that attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Like many young people with this diagnosis, she to be prescribed the stimulant Ritalin. With its use, she was able to focus for longer periods top top the task before her, whether academic or gymnastic. Nellie Biles was a great help come Simone together well, sit down through her in ~ the start of yearly to create a perform of purposes for the following 12 months and also to record her development throughout the year.

Simon Biles do her an initial appearance in junior nationwide competition in ~ the 2011 American standard in Houston, placing third in the all-around competition and first in the vault. Simone was currently at a crossroads. Do the commitment come competitive gymnastics would call for sacrifice. At period 14, Biles left her public school to be homeschooled. From then on, she would certainly forgo the usual round of teenage social activities to train for 6 to eight hours a day.

October 12, 2014: 17-year-old Simone Biles performs during the women’s floor exercise final at the World imaginative Gymnastics Championships hosted in Nanning, China in ~ the Guangxi Gymnasium. Biles would certainly take home four civilization Championship yellow medals, locking under the team championship, the separation, personal, instance all-around title, and the beam and also floor exercise apparatus finals. She would take a silver- medal top top vault. (KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

At the 2012 American Classic, she placed third on the balance beam, bound for 2nd in floor exercise, and took very first place in both the vault and all-around competition. In ~ the 2012 U.S. Classic, she placed 2nd in floor exercise and also again finished an initial in vault and also all-around. She finished very first on vault again in ~ the USA Gymnastics national Championships and also was named to the United states Junior national Team.

October 27, 2015: Gabrielle Douglas, Simone Biles, Margaret Nichols, Alexandra Raisman and also Madison Kocian throughout day 5 of the World creative Gymnastics Championships in ~ The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland. In team finals, Biles helped the United claims win the women’s team all-around title for the third straight time and also she came to be the very first woman to win 3 consecutive all-around titles in people Gymnastics Championships history.

At age 15, she was a few months also young to compete for a place on the 2012 Olympic team, a circumstance which may have actually been much more fortunate than it showed up at the time. As soon as she made her senior international debut at the 2013 American Cup, her strength, specifically on the vault, was apparent to all. Contending for the United says at Jesolo, Italy, she took gold medals in all-around, vault, balance beam and also floor exercise. In vain with teams from Germany and also Romania at Chemnitz, Germany, she again won vault, balance beam and floor exercise, yet trouble lay ahead.

August 9, 2016: yellow medalists Simone Biles, Gabrielle Douglas, Lauren Hernandez, Madison Kocian and Alexandra Raisman the the United states celebrate top top the podium in ~ the medal ceremony because that the creative Gymnastics Women’s Team on day 4 of the 2016 Olympic games at Rio Olympic Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo: Getty Images)

At the 2013 U.S. Classic, she lost manage on the balance beam and fell during her floor exercise. Her coach, Aimee Boorman, was compelled to pull she from the meet. Observers of the gymnastics circuit wondered openly whether she undeniable strength and also agility were sufficient to overcome some inside deficiency. Biles consulted a sports psychologist and also attended a exclusive training camp through legendary coach Márta Károlyi. Biles walk not talk about the problem of this sessions in detail, but something clicked. She learned to placed the expectations of others the end of she mind and also enjoy her power in the moment. Just three weeks after ~ her destructive showing in ~ the Classic, she won the USA Gymnastics national Championship and also was named to the senior National Team. Two months after ~ that, she won world Gymnastics Championships in Antwerp, Belgium — her first international title — scoring first on floor exercise, 2nd on the vault and an initial in all-around. She has actually not lost a satisfy since.

August 11, 2016: Simone Biles in action on she uneven bars routine throughout her gold medal power in the artistic gymnastics women’s separation, personal, instance all-around last at the Rio Olympic Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Getty)

Biles was setting a new standard of power in her sport. The height of she jumps, the speed of she turns, and the defense of her landings collection her personally from all competitors. Under the historical ten-point system of the worldwide Federation that Gymnastics, a gymnast’s power in each occasion was rated on a fixed scale of one to ten. This system encouraged competitors to perfect traditional skills, and above all, to stop making mistakes, rather than trying out with brand-new moves. Under a new open-ended scale, describe by the federation in 2006, greater levels of difficulty could be recognized, and also Biles was all set to push the envelope. ~ above the vault and balance beam, she added extra twists and flips to she dismounts. While she recovered from a knee injury, she coach argued that she break up a dual layout (flipping end over end with right legs and also body) by executing a half-twist and landing ~ above one foot, sparing the tender knee. Biles presented the new skill in ~ the 2013 people Championships; it has now gotten in the repertoire and is recognized as the Biles.

August 14, 2016: Simon Biles atop the podium — v Russia’s Maria Paseka and also Switzerland’s Giulia Steingruber — as the national anthem because that the United states plays, after the women’s vault occasion final that the artistic gymnastics in ~ the Olympic Arena during the Rio 2016 Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. (© BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

In 2014, Biles and her coach, Aimee Boorman, finished their partnership with Bannon’s Gymnastix. Ron and also Nellie Biles have opened a brand-new facility, the word Champions Centre, in Spring, Texas, wherein Boorman and Biles trained for the subsequent seasons. A shoulder injury kept Biles the end of competition at the beginning of the 2014 season, yet she reverted in the 2014 U.S. Standard in Chicago, tie for very first on the balance beam, taking an initial place in vault and floor exercise, and winning the all-around through a vast margin. She currently routinely finished ahead of her nearest competitors by margins of whole points rather than factions, together is much more customary. At the 2014 USA Gymnastics national Championships, Biles tied because that the silver- on balance beam, despite a fall during her last routine the the two-day meet. She won the yellow in the vault and floor exercise to emerge as national all-around champion after 2 days of competition, finishing much more than 4 points front of her nearest competitor. Later that year, at the World imaginative Gymnastics Championships in Nanning, China, Biles take it a silver- medal in the vault, gold in the balance beam and also floor exercise, and also won her 2nd consecutive civilization all-around title.

August 21, 2016: Simone Biles hold the American flag throughout the close up door ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympic gamings at the Maracanã stadium.“It’s an remarkable honor to be selected as the flag-bearer by mine Team USA teammates,” Biles claimed in a statement. “This experience has been the dream the a life time for me and also my team and I think about it a privilege to represent my country, the United states Olympic Committee and USA Gymnastics by transferring our flag. I likewise wish to thank the city the Rio de Janeiro, and also the entire country of Brazil, because that hosting an significant Games.”

Biles began 2015 v victories in the at&t American Cup in Arlington, Texas and also the City the Jesolo Trophy in Italy. At that year’s U.S. Classic, she finished an initial in the all-around competition, with an initial place finishes in balance beam, vault and also floor exercise. Although she had actually won at an early stage acceptance come UCLA, she do the decision to come to be a professional, thereby forfeiting the opportunity to contend for UCLA.

Her to win streak continued with a third consecutive all-around championship in ~ the 2015 U.S. National. She winner a 3rd international title at the civilization Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. In Glasgow, she took yellow medals in balance beam and floor practice again, bringing her full medal and gold medal count to the highest ever won by any female in people gymnastics competition. She was named Team USA Athlete the the Year.

November 2016: In her memoir,Courage come Soar: A human body in Motion, A Life in Balance,Simone Biles bring away you v the events, challenges, and trials that lugged her indigenous foster care to a point out on the 2016 Olympic team.

She embarked top top a new year the competition, one the would see her participate in the Olympics for the an initial time. She began the year to win an all-around win at the Pacific rim Championships through the highest scores ~ above vault, floor and also balance beam. In ~ the 2016 USA Gymnastics nationwide Championships, she again winner the title in vault and floor exercise, win the all-around title.

As expected, Biles was selected for the 2016 Olympics team, and Coach Boorman was chosen to head the USA Gymnastics Women’s Team. The 2016 Olympic games were organized in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On respectable 9, 2016, Biles led the American gymnasts to win in the team event, with a score much more than eight points front of the second-place Russian team. 2 days later, Biles take it the yellow medal in the all-around event, through the highest possible scores ~ above vault, floor and also balance beam. She won a second individual yellow medal in the vault. In spite of her first-place finish on the balance beam in the all-around compete a couple of days earlier, an unanticipated error marred an otherwise superior performance ~ above the balance beam final. She still obtained a copper medal for that event. She ended by to win a fourth gold medal in the floor practice final. Besides tying a number of other human being records, she collection a new American record for most gold medals in gymnastics at a solitary Olympics Games. Between her performances at the Olympics and in world Championship competition, she has actually won 19 medals, making her the most decorated American gymnast of every time. As Team USA’s exceptional star that the Games, Biles was preferred by her teammates to bring her country’s flag in the close up door ceremonies.

July 2017: Biles accepts the award because that BestFemale Athlete during the 25th annualESPYAwards in Los Angeles.

In the wake of the Games, Russian computer hackers gained accessibility to the medical records of Biles and other Team USA athletes. Castle disclosed that Biles had tested confident for Ritalin and tried to usage this details to discredit her performance. Biles easily admitted the she has actually long taken Ritalin because that ADHD and also the Olympics Committee confirmed that she had actually received a therapeutic exemption to proceed her medication while competing.Her forthright discussion of her experience with ADHD gave encouragement to many young world in comparable situations.

After 13 years of incessant practice and also competition, Biles made decision to take a year off before resuming training for the 2020 Olympics. In 2017, she was provided the ESPY compensation for ideal Female Athlete the the Year. After she lifelong coach Aimee Boorman moved from Texas come Florida, Biles resumed training v Coach Laurent Landi.

2017 Academy guest of respect Simone Biles addresses delegates and members in ~ a symposium session throughout the Academy the glossesweb.com’s 52nd yearly International accomplishment Summit at Claridge’s hotel in Mayfair, London.

The world of female competitive gymnastics to be rocked in early 2018, as much more than 150 previous patients the Team USA doctor Larry Nassar had accused the of sexually abusing castle while they to be under his care. ~ above January 18, Simone Biles included her surname to the list. Nassar to be sentenced come 60 years in jail on federal son pornography charges, and in two various trials, was sentenced come 40 to 175 years for multiple counts of sex-related assault. He will spend the rest of his life in prison. Simone Biles praised the judges’ decision in the case and called top top the U.S. Olympic Committee to reach the end to abuse survivors such as herself.

After a 711-day layoff, Simone Biles make a triumphant return to public competition at the U.S. Standard in July 2018. She post the highest possible scores top top vault, floor exercise, balance beam, and all-around performance.At the USA Gymnastics national Championships the complying with month, Biles won gold medals in every four events — her very first medal for the uneven bars, previously regarded together her weakest event — and also took the all-around title. She is only the second woman in background to win all 5 gold medals at the National. Biles wore a teal-colored leotard for her historical performance, a gesture the solidarity through all victims of sex-related assault.

November 2, 2018: 21-year-old Simone Biles celebrates her gold medal in the Vault exercise throughout day nine of the 2018 FIG artistic Gymnastics Championships at Aspire Dome in Doha, Qatar. Biles capped a amazing 2018 world gymnastics championships by claiming gold on floor exercise and also bronze ~ above balance beam during the event finals, giving her six medals because that the meet and also 20 all at once in the people championships. (Photo: Francois Nel/Getty Images)

At the 2018 civilization Gymnastics Championship, Biles winner a medal in every event: copper in the balance beam, silver in the uneven bars, and gold medals in the floor exercise, vault and team final, and for all-around individual performance. The first American contender to success a medal in every event at the civilization Championship, she accomplished this amazing performance while enduring from a pains kidney stone. Delaying treatment until ~ the competition, she decreased pain medication the would have actually prevented she from qualifying under anti-doping regulations.

At the civilization Championships hosted in Stuttgart, Germany in October 2019, she led Team USA come its fifth consecutive victory and won five much more gold medals — in balance beam, floor exercise, vault, all-around, and also as a member of the to win team. This raised her total number of medals in civilization competition to 25, one all-time record. She is currently the many decorated gymnast in history.

Simone Biles poses with the copper medal for Gymnastics – Artistic: Women’s Balance Beam at Ariake Gymnastics Centre throughout the 2020 Tokyo Olympic gamings on august 3, 2021, in Tokyo, Japan. It to be the seventh Olympic medal for Biles, tying her v Shannon Miller because that the most ever before for one American gymnast. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The gymnastics world was looking front to seeing Simone Biles dominate her sports at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, yet the competition was postponed for a year due to the worldwide outbreak of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Various other public events were suspended as well, and Simone Biles go not do in public competition because that over a year. In may 2021, once she returned to competition at the U.S. Standard in Indianapolis, she stunned audiences with an extraordinary feat in her vaulting routine: a Yurchenko dual pike, requiring she to push off native the vaulting table v her hands and also flip twice prior to landing. She is the first woman ever to carry out this feat in competition. Ms. Biles placed very first in all-around competition at this event, together she did again 2 weeks later on at the U.S. Gymnastics Championship. This was a record-setting saturday all-around success in national competition; she has captured all-around honors in every event she has actually entered because 2013.

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At the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, held in between July 23 and also August 8, 2021, Biles left an indelible mark, transforming the narrative native winning medals to championing athlete psychological health and also well-being. In the very first event, the team competition, Biles i was withdrawn after completing just one vault, citing an i can not qualify to perform as result of mental stress and a absence of “air awareness.” Then, on the critical day that gymnastics contests, Biles make a dramatic return, capturing a bronze medal in the balance beam — she seventh career Olympic medal — tying her with Shannon Miller for the most ever before for one American gymnast.