Although this woman's husband is a renowned journalist through a display of his own, she is known to be a determined career lady with a route of she own. Her life has been eventful and inspiring, and also she has actually done a many of tough work to come to be as flourishing as she is now. Learn an ext fascinating facts about Elena Moussa.

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After finishing her an easy education in London, which became her place of residence after moving from her home country Russia, she enrolled at brand-new York's Fashion academy of Technology. There, she obtained to seek her childhood dream.

When she completed her education, she came earlier to Russia, where she started a modeling career. Later, she ended up being a photo editor because that Maxim Russia to gain much more experience in this field.

The magazine where she worked also cooperated with Maxim UK. Therefore, she regularly had to walk to London, and also it to be there that she met the man that became her husband.

Nowadays, Elena has moved top top from her previous ventures, such as experienced modeling and journalism. However, she still displays a lot of task in the people of fashion and also even runs a firm of she own.

The "Moussa Project" firm was developed in 2011, and her finest clothing designs are distributed and also sold under this brand. She additionally displays her an imaginative fashion options on she social media pages.


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This woman's creativity is endless, and her style is widely applauded. She is well-known as a fashionista that added a lot to the modeling and also clothing industry.

Elena Moussa age

How old is Elena Moussa? This celebrity mam was born on may 4, 1982.

Therefore, her existing age as of 2020 is 38 years.

Elena Moussa height

How high is Elena Moussa? since this mrs is a renowned model, she has actually the perfect elevation for this profession - 5 feet 9 inches, or 1 m 75 cm.

Elena Moussa net worth

This beautiful model and designer's network worth is approximated to be $2 million, according to VeryCeleb.

elena.moussa.5Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, the fashionista's husband Greg Gutfeld network worth is $13 million and his yearly salary is $7 million, together Celebrity net Worth states.


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Elena Moussa Greg Gutfeld relationship

Greg Gutfeld is mostly recognized for his job-related on television, his writing, editing, and also comedy sketches. "The Greg Gutfeld Show", i beg your pardon he hosts on Fox News, is a endeavor that made him recognized to the public.

The two have actually met ago in 2004 once both had fruitful tasks as editors for the various versions that Maxim magazine. Greg to be an editor the Maxim UK, if Elena worked on the Russian version.

The journalist was instantly interested in the attractive model and also asked the editor of Maxim Russia around her. He climate proceeded to ask her on a date, and she reciprocated.

They instantly had a good connection, and also not a lot of time has actually passed till Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa wedding occurred. The Russian beauty relocated to London because that her brand-new husband, and today, the two space still happy together.

They like meeting up with their friends, family, and also colleagues, as well as going to arts exhibitions and also frequently traveling with each other to the unknown places. As for their children, the couple does not have actually any.


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Elena Moussa is a multi-faceted personality, who is much an ext than just a famed man's wife. Her passion for clothing design is precious a the majority of admiration and also appreciation.

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