Get the scoop top top Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa – who she is, what she does, and also how the 2 met.


Whether it’s since you’re a diehard devotee or completely disagree with their politics, you can’t assist but wonder who are the type of human being who get married the deals with we watch on Fox News Channel. Such is the instance with Greg Gutfeld. The longtime FNC fixture is the station’s resident clown, transporting his hot takes through the smell of a crude stand-up comic. It’s remarkable to think he’s to be married for 16 years and also counting. Uncover out whatever we know about Greg Gutfeld’s wife, Elena Moussa: who she is, what she does, and how she met she controversial husband.

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Greg Gutfeld Is The host Of ‘Gutfeld!’

Greg Gutfeld, 56, is the Libertarian voice that Fox News Channel. He began on the network as the organize of Red Eye, a late-night talk present once deemed “the weirdest show in TV” by Entrepreneur. This day he hosts a brand-new show called Gutfeld! and serves as a panelist ~ above FNC’s weekday round table display The Five.

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Gutfeld is no stranger come controversy. Yet he attracted the ire the viewers and also even his very own colleagues this main after making bizarre remarks around Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict.

“I’m just going to acquire really selfish,” he claimed live ~ above air. “I’m glad that he was uncovered guilty on all charges, also if he might not be guilty of all charges. I am glad that he is guilty of all charges because I desire a verdict the keeps this country from going up in flames.”

His take it provoked audible groans indigenous his co-hosts. It likewise prompted one call-in commentator come ask if Gutfeld to be “off his meds.” watch the whole exchange below:

"Excuse me? forgive me? What did the say?" — Gutfeld had actually a meltdown as soon as a Fox News guest referred to as him the end on his comments

— Aaron Rupar (
atrupar) April 20, 2021

Elena Moussa Is The wife Of Greg Gutfeld

Elena Moussa, 38, is Greg Gutfeld’s wife. The two met ago in 2003 at a Maxim editors conference in Portugal. Gutfeld had just been appointed the editor-in-chief of their U.K. Edition; the 5-foot-10 Moussa—a previous model—was functioning as a photograph editor for Maxim Russia.

“I actually met she my an initial day ~ above the job,” Gutfeld told the Daily Beast in 2015. “When I witnessed her, I claimed to the editor of Maxim Russia, ‘Who is this woman?’ and also I foolishly struggle on her for 3 days. She to be pretty cold come me, and finally, ns asked her the end on a date. And also then she moved to London to be v me.”

Elena Moussa Is An accomplished Fashion Stylist

Maxim circulation dropped 16.2 percent under Gutfeld’s leadership, for this reason he left the men’s mag once his contract expired in 2006. It shows up Moussa adhered to suit. The couple then relocated to new York, where Gutfeld join Fox.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Moussa decided to invest her time in the city widening her horizons. In 2015, she was a student at the prestigious Parsons institution of Design. She likewise enrolled in coursework in ~ the Fashion institute of modern technology in brand-new York City.

In addition to acquiring her associate’s degree, Moussa functioned as a stylist for various print publications. Her portfolio has shoots because that Venice magazine and also Numero Russia. She also co-owned Moussa Project, a Moscow boutique, with her sister Victoria, however it closeup of the door in 2018.

Greg Gutfeld and Elena Moussa gained Married after ~ Just five Months that Dating

According come a file of Gutfeld in the New York Times, the couple married in 2004 after five months the dating. The wedding was a civil ceremony the took place in brand-new York.

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Aside from those details, neither says much about their relationship. Moussa’s Instagram feeding sticks to extremely stylized fashion photos and is free of any couple pics. Meanwhile, Gutfeld only articles the occasional picture of his wife.