Gordon Ramsay has been happily married come his mam Tana because that over 2 decades. Here’s everything you must know around the world-famous chef’s wife.

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Even though he may seem rough about the edge on TV,Gordon Ramsay, 54, has remained in a loving marital relationship for almost 25 years. The Hell’s Kitchen star and his wife Tana Ramsay, 46, got hitched in 1996, and also they will certainly celebrate your 25th anniversary on December 21. Tana may not it is in as well known as her husband, but she’s likewise made she own influence in the cook world, with cookbooks and TV appearances.

Even despite you may be used to listening Gordon shout at flabbergasted restauranteurs, the seems choose the two have actually an impressive marriage and a peaceful family life. The two regularly work together and also make for a an excellent team! here is everything you need to know around Tana.




Of course, the life the a cook can frequently be difficult. Working in a restaurant, the cooks frequently work long hours and also won’t get home until really late in ~ night or early on the following morning. Once the couple started dating, Tana had to wait out long hours to see Gordon, via Delish. Even though it included many late nights, Tana kept up because that him, and the pair acquired married in December 1996, as soon as Tana to be 21.

Tana and Gordon Have 5 Kids

Tana struggled to have children early top top in her marriage to Gordon. She to be diagnosed v polycystic ovarian syndrome, which affected her fertility and made that harder for her to have actually children, via DailyMail. After ~ hardships, she turned to IVF to try to have a child, and also it operated out good for the couple! The pair now have five childrenMegan,23, twinsHollyandJack,21,Matilda,19, andOscar,2.

Even despite they have lovely family, the couple have had problems with pregnancy, even in current years. In 2016, Tana suffered a miscarriage, as soon as she was 5 months pregnant. Despite having to go v something so upsetting, Tana said that her husband helped her. “You go from having a infant kicking inside of you to unexpectedly it’s no there, and also it was a really hard experience,” she toldMetroin 2020. “Gordon to be amazing, and he’s always been one come talk about everything and also he to be very an excellent at kind of talk it the end of me.”

Gordon and also Tana have actually been married because that 25 years. (Shutterstock)

Tana Is A Cookbook Author

Gordon isn’t the just one that knows his way around the kitchen in his marriage! even though she celebrity chef husband is popular for his culinary abilities, Tana has authored 5 cookbooks of she own. The recipes in her books focus greatly on useful home cooking. Her books are: Tana’s Kitchen Secrets,I Love to Bake, Tana Ramsay’s family Kitchen, house Made,andTana Ramsay’s Real family Food. “I wanted to leveling everything. The recipes come native me, friends and also family. Ns was established it should be real,” she stated inThe Guardian around her strategy to the cookbooks.

Tana has actually Been top top A couple of TV Shows

While her husband is a full-blown TV chef, Tana has actually made a few appearances of she own. She’s showed up on her husband’s many shows, includingHell’s KitchenandMasterchef USA. She additionally had a component in her daughter Matilda’s reality-seriesMatilda and The Ramsay Bunch. Perhaps most notably, she was additionally a component of the British reality competition showDancing ~ above Icein 2010. She was partnered withStuart Widdall, but unfortunately, she was got rid of in the fourth round.

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Tana Is Friends through Victoria Beckham

Tana and Gordon room close friend with fellow celebritiesDavidandVictoria Beckham. Both couples look prefer they obtain their family members together whenever lock can and are an excellent friends. Victoria has actually posted photos plenty of times when their families have had joint outings. She shared a photo of her daughter Harpergiving Oscar a kiss on his cheek in august 2020. She post a photo of both households getting with each other to memory Tana’s birthday in 2018. Gordon has joked about his close connection with the Beckhams. “Three girls and also a boy, and three boys and also a girl – you’d it is in amazed at the synergy. We’ve promised that no one dates anybody,” he stated in a 2017 interview withThe Sun.