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11 at an early stage photos that Tina Louise, before she ended up being Ginger approve on Gilligan"s Island

Go ago to the 1950s v The Movie Star.


The daughter the a model and also a candy shop owner, Tina Louise got discovered at the age of 2 posing because that ads to market her dad"s store"s sweets. Born Tina Blacker in 1934, it would certainly take exactly 30 years because that the actress to land her many famous duty as Ginger approve on Gilligan"s Island.



In between, a high school drama teacher in her senior year referred to as her Louise after she complained around having no center name. The surname Tina Louise stuck and became the one linked with the dazzling redhead who debuted top top Broadway simply shy of 20 years old. That was in 1953, and also spectacularly enough, it found her share a stage with Bette Davis.

By the finish of the decade, Louise had made it on stage, as well as modeling for album consists in 1957 and also 1958:


After standing out on Broadway, Louise obtained her begin on TV shows and also movies in the middle to late 1950s, yet it was a role in 1958 that cast her hair back in a messy ponytail the made she look more like her Gilligan"s Island country girl equivalent Mary Ann Summers. In God"s little Acre, Louise play Griselda Walden, a young woman who marries the child of a poor Georgia noodle farmer.

The Everett CollectionGod"s small Acre

The role would it is in a turning point because that Tina, who"d show up in a cable of movies after that 1958 rural comedy/romance. Here are part fresh-faced photos native this early era the Louise, ordered indigenous 1958 through 1963, just before Gilligan"s Island premiered in 1964. Scroll v to clock the development of Tina Louise, native budding beauty to iconic TV star:

As you have the right to see, that didn"t take long for the actress to walk the glamour route, and also this final photo native 1963 feels prefer the suitable page in the scrapbook to acquire us come Tina Louise together Ginger Grant:

Interestingly, Gilligan"s Island creator Sherwood Schwartz said that it was Louise"s stage occupational that nearly kept she off the show. The told the archive of American tv that she was unavailable to execute the pilot since of a beat she to be doing, so regardless of how lot he want her to it is in his Movie Star, he virtually had to go with a back-up. " became accessible and she signed in new York to carry out the show," Schwartz said. He continued later, "She to be perfect because that the part." Here"s more photo proof indigenous the early 1960s:

Dying come revisit Gilligan"s Island currently to see Ginger sparkle in she gowns? Here"s the story behind the famed designer who secretly dressed Tina Louise.

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.. After looking at every these glamour photos it just dawned on me how similar in look at she had to AMANDA BLAKE as miss out on Kitty on GUNSMOKE.. And also what if TINA LOUISE had been actors as miss Kitty what impact would that have made through her looks and personality together Matt Dillion"s love interest? climate of course we would certainly have actors AMANDA BLAKE together Ginger and her personality would certainly be entirely different than Tina"s was in the Island.. Ns would have actually liked to see that scenario play out for one seasons episodes of both TV series during that time frame..
WOW!!!!! What a glamor puss! i ❤️ that photo of she in the bathing suit; she had beautiful feet & toes!