Secure ourBorders

Seguridad en las fronteras

Securing our boundaries is the very first order that business. I will ensure ours border patrol is fully funded and also stop medicine cartels and illegal immigrants from coming into our state.

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Seguridad en nuestras fronteras es el paso numero uno. Me aseguraré que nuestras patrullas fronterizas tengan los fondos y recursos necesarios para controlar los carteles y detener la inmigración ilegal a nuestro estado.


Government Accountability

Responsabilidad del gobierno

Taxpayers worthy accountability from ours government. I will eliminate wasteful spending and focus ~ above zero-based budgeting. On work one, I will certainly return transparency come the state’s top legislation enforcement office.

Los que pagan impuestos merecen responsabilidad del gobierno. Eliminaré gastos innecesarios para enfocarnos en un presupuesto sin desperdicios. En el primer día de mi administración regresaré la transparencia de la autoridad mas alta de nuestro estado.


Fight because that Survivorsof human being Trafficking

Luchare por los derechos de víctimas del trafico de humanos

Texas is the second-largest hub of human being trafficking in the nation. I will certainly join along with survivors of human being trafficking and victim proponents to dedicate more resources than ever prior to to fighting crime in ours state and also partner with law enforcement to placed offenders behind bars.

Texas es el segundo centro mas grande del trafico de humanos en el país. Me uniré a la lucha por los víctimas del trafico de humanos y junto con defensores de victimas para dedicar mas tiempo, y dar mas recursos que nunca antes en contra de este crimen. Formare alianzas con el departamento de leyes(?) para apresar(arrestar?) a los ofensores y ponerlos tras las rejas.


Defend our law Enforcement

Defenderé a nuestros departamento de seguridad. (Policías?)

The really individuals that protect and serve our state are under attack. I will fight radical for free policies and also anti-police rhetoric come ensure Texas constantly supports ours police officers.

Los individuos que nos protegen han estado bajo ataque. Peleare en contra de todos los grupos radicales que no apoyan a nuestra policía para asegurar que Texas siempre apoye a nuestros oficiales (policías).

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September 15, 2021

Over 100 establishing Members Voice Their assistance in race for Attorney basic AUSTIN – Today, on the first day of hispanic Heritage Month, Commissioner George P. Shrub announced the launch of Tejanos because that George P., a grassroots coalition in support of his race for Texas lawyer General. V a to whisper campaign, before any kind of <…>

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Chad Hasty Show: George P. Bush Says Texans deserve A “Top Cop that Is beyond Reproach”

October 12, 2021

“Take a step ago to seven years back when the statewides came right into office in 2014 wherehe (Paxton) to be arrested, booked, and charged with three felony counts that securities fraud dealing with 99 year of maximum sentencing. And he’s proclaimed, ns believe, on your show and also other reflects that he is innocent. But if he’s for this reason <…>

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KAMR: “We require to back our slim Blue Line”

October 4, 2021

George P. Shrub joined Jackie Kingston in ~ Amarillo’s KAMR to talk about his priorities as candidate because that the office that Texas attorney General. Watch the interview here.

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George P. Bush campaigns in El Paso in bid for Texas attorney General

September 30, 2021

One Republican candidate because that Texas attorney basic is not relying ~ above a large political dynasty to pull out a win. George P. Shrub is the boy of previous Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. He’s likewise the nephew of former President George W. Bush and grandson of former President George H.W. Bush. Yet rather than count on <…>

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Fox News: George P. Bush pushes back on WH whipping narrative, shares video of Border Patrol steeds without ‘whips’

September 28, 2021

Bush has been energetic in pushing back against the Biden administration’s border policies, TexasLand Commissioner and state attorney basic candidate George P. Shrub slammed the idea that horseback Border Patrol agents whipped migrants, sharing a video from a vault border visit to display the agents don’t have “whips.” bush blasted the Biden administration’s whipping narrative <…>

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KVUE: George P. Bush among participants in 9/11 Heroes run at Camp Mabry

September 27, 2021

AUSTIN, Texas — The 2021 9/11 Heroes Run took location Sunday in ~ Austin’s Camp Mabry, and amongst this year’s runners was a acquainted face. Texas land Commissioner – and also Texas attorney basic candidate – George P. Bush and his wife participated in this year’s event along with their two boys. The run aims to unite communities approximately the civilization <…>

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