For award-winning artist Gene Simmons, it's very clear who influenced his life many profoundly the end of anyone: his mother. Their joint and also individual struggles during Gene's childhood noted the basis for whatever that he has become today, and also he isn't awkward to admit how vital a function she play in making the the male he is.

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In an exclude, interview with, Gene candidly reflect on few of his mother's sage advice come him. Furthermore, he addressed the adversity the she challenged — both on she own and also with the — and touched on exactly how it all culminated into the life class he really hopes to instill in a younger generation. Keep reading for some personal details on who Flóra Klein was in the absent star's very own words.


Gene Simmons' mother, Flóra Klein, was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp during people War II.

Flóra was a residents of Budapest once the Nazis came right into power. In ~ this time, she and also virtually all other Jewish civilization in Europe had actually their for free stripped from them in a gradual procedure that led to her imprisonment in ~ the Ravensbrück concentration camp.

"When my mommy was 14 years old she remained in a German Nazi concentration camp along with our family, and only my mommy made it the end alive," Gene reflected around the ordeal.

As he prospered older, Gene learned the true level of what Flóra had sustained as a young woman.

On Jan. 15, 1945, Flóra was moved to the Venusberg subcamp the the Flossenbürg concentration camp. Simply two month later, ~ a grueling trip in which many fellow Jewish world died, she to be relocated yet again to the Mauthausen concentration camp. Flóra remained imprisoned there till the unified States army liberated the camp just a few days prior to the battle ended.

After Flóra recovered native malnutrition, she flew ago to Hungary to begin anew. In 1946, she married a carpenter named Ferenc "Feri" Yehiel Witz. The duo immigrated to Haifa, Israel in 1947 and also she provided birth come Gene in 1949. Flóra and also Feri divorced quickly after, leave Gene and also his mom to fend for themselves in the newly-established nation.


According to Gene, his mother afforded him "every opportunity and also every choice" by immigrating come America.

Gene's childhood in Israel is critical building block in that he came to be as an adult. It permitted him to build an appreciation for the little things in life that he wasn't able come have accessibility to in the then-burgeoning country.

"Israel to be a new country and if you’re born there there to be no infrastructure," he explained, "I was born six months after the country became independent, and also people were poor."

On that absence of infrastructure, Gene elaborated, "We had dirt roads, horses, donkeys, and also all the stuff. There was no air Force, Navy, nothing!"

"We didn’t have actually a refrigerator, us didn’t have actually a radio," he included of his childhood home, "our bathroom was a little hole in the ground external this one-bedroom wherein we lived, mine mother and I."

The duo immigrated to the U.S. In 1958, but even then, Flóra withstood a challenging life to provide for herself and her young son. According to Gene, she operated "in a sweat manufacturing facility without also a minimum wage." He said that her shifts to be "six days a week from 7 in the morning until 7 in ~ night" and also that she placed up through this therapy "just to have the ability to pay the bills because my dad was no around."


Despite every odds, Flóra operated diligently to administer for Gene and also gave that the springboard to go after the an innovative interests that have actually made that a an international superstar. Sadly, Flóra died in December 2018 at the period of 93, but her words of wisdom still resonate v Gene to this day.

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"When ns heard my mom say what I assumed were corny things like, ‘Every day above ground is a an excellent day,’ you recognize when you’re a boy you’re like, ‘Come on!’ then you gain older and also realize what a jack--s girlfriend were no to acknowledge the fact of that," Gene reflected.

The unapologetically truthful absent legend go on to say: "My mommy knew what she to be talking around and young human being don’t know f--k-all. They’ve experienced no life, no qualification, and have no experience."

As a native of advice come his younger fans, Gene stated that "younger civilization should shut your pie hole and also listen to civilization who have actually lived life to find out what’s walk on."

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