Gene Simmons net worth and salary: Gene Simmons is one American rock and also roll legend who has a network worth the $400 million. The is known for gift a co-founder the the tape Kiss i beg your pardon was exceptionally successful in the so late 1970s right into the 1990s and has offered over 100 million records worldwide as of this writing.

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Even v those impressive record and touring stats, the bulk of Gene"s wide range today comes from Kiss licensing deals. Kiss-related logos, icons and other intellectual property has actually been licensed for over 5,000 different commodities ranging indigenous pinball machines, having lunch boxes, condoms, board games, lighters, comic books and also even coffins. The brand has produced over $1 billion in license fees due to the fact that the 1970s.

Today Gene and his bandmate Paul Stanley co-own Kiss. Anyone else is a payment performer. Gene has asserted that Kiss grosses end $100 million per year indigenous touring, merchandise and also licensing deals.

Quote around Money and also Wealth: In a February 2019 BBC interview, Gene defined his think on money really succinctly:

"Life is a business and also I approach life the means a shark philosophies life – they need to keep moving or else they will drown. I"ll never stop hunting an ext money. I"ll never have actually enough…. Ns live come make an ext money. People who say that money is the root of every evil are morons. A absence of money is the source of all evil."

Early Life: Gene Simmons to be born Chaim Witz on august 25th, 1949 in Haifa, Israel. He was born to Florence Klein and Ferenc Yehiel Witz, a carpenter. His mother and her brother, Gene"s uncle Larry Klein, were the just members of their household to make it through internment in a Nazi concentration camp during the Holocause. Gene left Israel through his mother at the period of 8 and moved come Jackson Heights, majesties in brand-new York City. Once in America, Chaim Witz embraced the much more Americanized surname of Eugene Klein. He additionally became an extremely interested in music after ~ watching The Beatles ~ above the Ed Sullivan show. V his newfound interest in music, his mother carried him a secondhand guitar. Gene ended up being very good with the guitar yet decided to switch end to bass due to the fact that he feeling it would certainly be easier to acquire in a band. When in high school, Eugene started his an initial band, Lynx i m sorry was later renamed lacking Links. After his time through the missing Links, Simmons join The lengthy Island sounds.

Gene studied briefly at Sullivan County neighborhood College then moved to Richmond College at some point earning a level in education. V his level in hand, Simmons teach grade institution in Spanish Harlem and even worked as a personal assistant with the editor that "Vogue" and also "Glamour" magazine. That was throughout this time the he changed his name to Gene Simmons in respect of renowned rockabilly performer "Jumpin" Gene Simmons". Simmons join a brand-new band, Bullfrog Bheer, and also they taped the demo Leeta. (It to be later contained on the Kiss box set.)

Music Career: Going as Gene Simmons he met Stanley Eisen (A.K.A Paul Stanley). The two made decision to collaborate and also formed the band "Wicked Lester". Their efforts paid turn off quickly since just after ~ seven shows they signed a attend to Epic Records. They taped an album but it was not supported by Epic and also fell by the wayside. The was never released. After this failure, Simmons and also Paul set out to develop what they referred to as "The band the would preeminence the world". They invited drummer Peter Criss to join them after seeing his advertisement in Rolling rock magazine. Lock would quickly be join by guitarist Paul Frehley (aka Ace Frehley). The stage was now collection for "Kiss" to take on the world. After five months the rehearsal they play their first show. Prior to the display they made decision to experiment with make-up. Feeling that the make-up make them look also feminine they rather opted to use make-up together a form of art. They came up with the idea to usage the make-up to express who they space as a person. "Kiss" quickly gathered a fan base. They released your self-titled debut album in February 1974. Simmons to be the driving force behind their extensive merchandise. Yet even v a pan base their an initial three albums to be met with little or no an essential success. One thing that was well known is the Kiss placed on a good live show. That was chose to record Kiss live in concert. When the live CD to be released, the band"s reputation grew because their live album hit quadruple platinum.

After five extremely successful years, the band members began to feel imprisoned by every other. The was during this time that they went separate means to record their solo albums. Once the band finally came back they to be met through backlash. Plenty of fans grew exhausted of Kiss" make-up and also Gene"s theatrics that spitting blood top top stage. In 1983, Kiss made decision to execute without the make-up. This actually enabled their popular to grow even more. That was during the 80s the Gene felt prefer he wanted to take on an ext of the world. He began to accept acting tasks from Hollywood in 84 and also started his own record brand (Simmons Recording). Kiss would release your album Revenge album in 1992. The album would mark a much darker and also rough tone that many of your albums have actually had. The album to be a hit which brought about Kiss being ago in the lime light. Kiss has played on and off again since 1992 also making an appearance in 1995 ~ above MTV"s Unplugged. The band hosted fan conventions in 1995. In 1996-1997, Kiss took on a highly successful Alive worldwide Reunion tour. The tape released another album, Psycho Circus, in 1998. The initial line up has actually once again dissolved because then, v Tommy Thayer replacing lead guitarist Ace Frehley and also Eric Singer replacing Peter criss top top the drums.

In 1999 Simmons co-produced the movie "Detroit rock City" i m sorry is the ultimate love letter to Kiss. Simmons dominated the world of music through Kiss however in enhancement to the he likewise has as of late gotten in the reality television company with his shows Rock School and Gene Simmons family members Jewels.

Personal Life: Simmons formerly had live-in relationships v Cher and also Diana Ross. He married his long time partner, former Playboy playmate Shannon Tweed, in 2011, ~ they had been date for 28 years. With each other they have actually two youngsters (a son, Nick, b. 1989 and daughter Sophie, b. 1992) and reside in Beverly Hills, California.

Simmons is one avid science fiction and comic book fan. He has actually published several science fiction fanzines and also has added to other fanzines.

Simmons to be a supporter of George W. Bush"s foreign policy and vocally sustained the 2003 intrusion of iraq. In 2010, Simmons said he remorse voting because that Barack Obama, criticizing his health care reforms of 2009. In 2012, he endorsed Mitt Romney because that president.

As far as philanthropy, Simmons proponents for ChildFund International. He traveled to Zambia come visit his sponsored children, of who he has much more than 1400. He and his family received the mend Humanitarian award for your philanthropic efforts and also work because that the charity Mending kids International. Simmons helped uncovered The children Matter, one initiative that fights to acquire children about the world access to wellness care.

Real Estate: because 1986, Gene"s main residence has actually been a 16,500 square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills that sits on virtually 2-acres of the most valuable land in the world. Gene bought the residential or commercial property in 1984 for $1,327,500, i m sorry is the same as $3.1 million this particular day after adjusting for inflation. Number of years later they started a 5-year building and construction project that expense a report $12 million to construct the current 10-bedroom, 16,500 square-foot house that to be seen commonly on the family"s truth show. In October 2020 Gene and Shannon listed this mansion for sale for $22 million.

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Gene and Shannon are supposedly looking to offer so they deserve to move full-time to a recently-acquired 24-acre estate near Mount Rainier in Washington.