The south African is 81 years old and yet proceeds to amaze with his athletic capability as an remarkable fitness regime has actually kept him perhaps as sprightly as your average 40-year-old.

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(In fact, Player feels the still maintain 90 percent that the energy he had when he to be 40.

So as soon as we tell you the Player is out there act backflips in the water, it’s probably not a vast surprise. Yet we’ve still got to present this to you in every its glory.

‪Age is just a number & we are only as old together those neighboring you #grandchildrenschallenge #playerfamily‬

A write-up shared by GARY PLAYER (

Let’s be frank, it’s no perfect execution. But this dude is 81 years old and also still looking nice darn athletic.

With Arnold Palmer passing critical year, we’re glad this member of the big Three is still living large.

Q&A (Part II): Gary Player talks Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods and the Olympics as he reaches 81st birthday


President Donald Trump: Tiger Woods will win an ext majors

If you"re wondering exactly how Tiger Woods fared play alongside chairman Trump, Jack Nicklaus and the mystery Service end the weekend, let"s just say that must have gone really well.

If the president"s monitorings are to be believed, Tiger is back to his old self.

Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon: "Everyone is asking exactly how Tiger played yesterday. The price is Great! He to be long, directly & putted fantastically well. The shot a 64. Tiger is earlier & will certainly be to win Majors again! no surprisingly, Jack additionally played really well. His putting is amazing! Jack & Tiger choose each other."

The group played the par-72...

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Denny McCarthy penalty rescinded, as USGA release statement top top controversial rule

Kevin Casey
July 16, 2017

There has actually been lot ado about a new rule in 2019, and golf"s an effective bodies have taken notice.

The U.S. Golf Association, the R&A and the PGA tour announced Saturday afternoon that the two-shot penalty Denny McCarthy received Friday for violating Rule 10.2b (4) has actually been rescinded.

All provided in their statements that a comparable situation Friday with Justin cutting board was lugged to their attention Saturday morning and also he would not it is in penalized either. So everyone is in the clear and also McCarthy is obtaining his two shots back!

He does therefore after the dominion has come under extreme criticism.

The ascendancy put right into place this...

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President Donald Trump playing golf with Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus
July 16, 2017

Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus have played many rounds of golf together. On Saturday, the two were join by No. 45 – or by president Trump.

The 3 played together Saturday in ~ Trump nationwide Jupiter in Florida, according to the White home press pool.

Trump self tweeted the end a photo confirming the pairing.

Woods likewise played with President Obama while he was in office and Presidents bill Clinton and also George H.W. Bush. Tiger has said he’s known Trump for years and the two played together prior to the president took office.

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Tiger and also the president were joined by Dustin Johnson because that a round in Jupiter...

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