Bachelorette: Garrett Schwartz's Age, Instagram, Job, Hometown & an ext Garett Schwartz is a contestant ~ above season 17 that The Bachelorette. Indigenous his job at Adobe to his dogs, here"s everything around Garett"s background.

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Garret Schwartz is a contestant ~ above season 17 of The Bachelorette, and we have every little thing there is come know about the contender for Katie Thurston"s final rose. Garrett"s journey competing for Katie"s affection has actually been lukewarm so far, however his popularity amongst fans provides him a challenger to keep an eye on. Indigenous his ambitious career ventures to his love the dogs, here"s everything around Garrett that provides him a "catch" on Katie"s season of The Bachelorette.

Garret is 29 year old, a average age for the season 17 cast of bachelors. Garret prospered up in Salinas, California, v two sisters yet he currently lives in the san Francisco just Area. Garett"s trek phibìc from Salinas to san Francisco began with his college experience. In 2010, Garett started his research studies at Sonoma State college in Rohnert Park, California. At Sonoma State, Garett gone after a Bachelor of art degree. In enhancement to earning a degree, Garett spent 4 years playing baseball because that the university. Garett also volunteered together a summer camp counselor at Sonoma State University. Garett i graduated from Sonoma State with his Bachelor"s degree in 2015.

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While Garett was completing his research studies at Sonoma State college in 2015, the Bachelorette contestant obtained a head begin on his career post-graduation. According to his LinkedIn, Garett"s first job before making it onto The Bachelorette"s season 17 premiere was at Optio Solutions. Optio is a debt collection service based in Petaluma, California. In ~ Optio, Garett operated as a compliance and also quality assurance agent. Back Garett just stayed at the collection agency for 5 months, his short-lived assurance role served together a launching pad for his future job enterprises. Immediately after leaving Optio Solutions, Garett started working at Tintri, an it company with headquarters in Santa Clarita, California. For his first eight month at the company, Garett functioned as an within sales representative. Garett swiftly demonstrated his competency in the company and was advocated before completing his very first year in ~ Tintri.

In February 2016, Garett take it on much more responsibility at the tech company through his promotion to a senior inside sales representative. Through this promotion came much more work for Garett, including connecting with clients across the country in states like Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. Native Tintri, Garett checked out Adobe. At Adobe, Garett has actually taken on number of roles. Initially, Garett operated as an account breakthrough manager because that Adobe in June 2016. A year and also a fifty percent later, however, Garett when again prove his strong occupational ethic and was supported to product marketing professional in November 2017. Presently, Garett has 5 years under his belt in ~ Adobe and also works together a product marketing manager.

While work-related may appear to take it up the bulk of the bachelor"s ambition, Garett"s social media does not match the all-work, no-play portrait his LinkedIn file paints. Garett"s Instagram,
garrettschwartz_7, is complete of fun memories and demonstrates the next of the Bachelorette contender fans have actually taken a liking to. ~ above Instagram, Garett shares his love because that dogs. From German shepherds come shaggy dogs, Garett"s social media is overcame by K-9s. Garett also celebrates the time the spends v friends ~ above Instagram. When Garett may not be the most-followed male on The Bachelorette, v 3,500 followers, his social media existence is without doubt vibrant.

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Garett has an uphill battle to Katie"s heart, but his background proves he"s approximately the task. As a resourceful employee, Garett has kept working his method up from university volunteering gigs to management positions in ~ Adobe. Furthermore, Garett"s personal life is balanced with quality dog and also friend time. When Garett continues to woo The Bachelorette"s fanbase, the jury is still the end on Katie.