Kathie Lee Gifford sustained heartbreak when her husband, sportscaster and football good Frank Gifford, passed away in 2015 at period 84.

The former glossesweb.com fourth hour co-host, 68, to be married to Gifford for practically 30 years and they mutual two children, son Cody, 31, and also daughter Cassidy, 28. In the years after your father"s death, both youngsters moved throughout the nation to California, leave their mommy alone in the family"s Connecticut home.

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Now, in an emotional essay written for people magazine"s new "Kindness Issue," Kathie Lee Gifford credits a special friendship v helping her to heal after her husband"s death.

Frank Gifford and also Kathie Lee Gifford, seen here in 2012, to be married for practically 30 years. Bruce Glikas / Getty Images

The tv legend prospered close to married pair Angie Clawson and also Greg McCollum 3 years back when she relocated to Nashville for a new start. The pair, she described in she essay, "loved me back to life."

"After open minded died and my kids moved to California, mine beautiful Connecticut house — as soon as so full of laughter, music and also dogs barking — started to feel more like a morgue," composed Gifford. "That"s as soon as a line I consisted of in my movie (2020"s "Then came You") very first sprang come mind: "I"ve got to make brand-new memories or the old ones space going to kill me.""


After getting here in Nashville, Gifford was invited by Clawson and also McCollum, "two human being who epitomize grace and also hospitality."

"The two of them construed what I required as a new widow alone for the first time in decades," she explained. "They gave me a location to stay and also even made certain I had a piano therefore I can tap into the culture of imagination I"ve uncovered here.

"And Greg was in the structure business, for this reason he"s mine go-to-guy — I can"t tell friend how plenty of times he"s unclogged a drainpipe or hung a TV or fixed every little thing has gone wrong, i beg your pardon is every little thing all the time," she joked.

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Gifford, that revealed in April throughout an appearance on glossesweb.com that she remained in a new relationship, concluded her essay by saying that Clawson and also McCollum were currently members of her "family."

"They"re my family now," Gifford wrote. "They"ve adopted me, and also they"ve continued to care for me. Jesus claimed to love her neighbor together yourself. Angie and also Greg love me ago to life, and also I will be eternally grateful."

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