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Matthew Broderick in the movie. Paramount pictures He was nominated because that a gold Globe in 1987 for the role.

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Matthew Broderick and also Sarah Jessica Parker. Andrew Toth/Getty images

He starred in Warren Beatty"s rom-com "Rules Don"t Apply" in 2016, and he has appeared in assorted television series including "The Conners," "Better Things," and also "Daybreak." He most recently starred in the 2020 comedy "Lazy Susan."

He married Parker in 1997 and they have three youngsters together.

Alan Ruck had starred together Broderick ~ above Broadway in 1985, and he had actually only showed up in 2 films prior to playing Ferris' hypochondriac ideal friend, Cameron.


Alan Ruck in "Ferris Bueller's job Off." Paramount photos

He to be 29 once he played the high schooler.


Alan Ruck present-day. Jamie McCarthy/Getty images

He additionally starred in the Netflix movie "War Machine" and also the music comedy "Dreamland."

Mia Sara in "Ferris Bueller's day Off." Paramount photos

Her very first role was the personality of Lili in the 1985 movie "Legend" v Tom Cruise.

She walk on to play Harley Quinn in the short-lived drama "Birds that Prey" and Princess Langwidere in "The Witches that Oz."

Mia Sara in "The Witches that Oz." MarVista Entertainment.

Her last function was in the quick film "Pretty Pretty" in 2013, accoring to IMDb.

Along through Broderick, Ruck, and also other cast members, she showed up on mockery Gad"s YouTube show, "Reunited Apart," because that a Ferris Bueller illustration in June 2020.

Jennifer Grey. Paramount photos

A year ~ "Ferris Bueller"s day Off," Grey starred in "Dirty Dancing," for which she earned a gold Globe nomination.

She to be the season 11 winner that "Dancing through the Stars," and she starred in the Amazon comedy "Red Oaks."

Jennifer Grey today. Charley Gallay/Getty photos

Grey has signed on to star in and also executive create an untitled "Dirty Dancing" sequel. She has additionally appeared top top "Grey"s Anatomy" and also "The Conners."

Charlie Sheen in "Ferris Bueller's day Off." Paramount photos

His an initial major role was together Jennifer Grey in 1984"s "Red Dawn." he starred in the Academy Award-winning "Platoon" that very same year.

He went on to star in a number of successful films. That transitioned come a effective TV career through "Two and a half Men," yet alcohol and drug struggles eventually led come his contract being terminated.

Charlie Sheen. Charley Gallay/Getty pictures

He has actually since appeared in "9/11," a drama about September 11, 2001, and also the TV series "Typical Rick."

Jeffrey Jones. Paramount pictures

Before "Ferris Bueller"s job Off," he earned a golden Globe nomination for his role as Emperor Joseph II in 1984"s "Amadeus."

Ben Stein played the business economics teacher — whose repetition the "Bueller" has become iconic — together his second acting gig.

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Ben Stein in "Ferris Bueller's work Off." Paramount photos

Stein graduated from Yale law School in 1970. End the years, he to be a poverty lawyer, attempt lawyer at the FCC, a speechwriter because that Richard Nixon, and an attorney at the White House before venturing right into acting.