Tim McGraw, belief Hill and also family don 'Game that Thrones,' harry Potter costumes

Dec. 23, 202000:58
The McGraw family really appears to love "Game that Thrones."

Tim McGraw, his wife faith Hill and also their three daughters simply showed turn off their enthusiasm for the struggle HBO show and dressed up as a couple of of your favorite personalities for a funny themed dinner in ~ home.

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The nation crooner, 53, mutual a couple of photos from the awesome event on Monday and also the family appeared to have a good time. Their costumes were additionally pretty spot-on.

In the first shot, Hill poses with the couple"s 3 daughters: Gracie (23), Maggie Elizabeth (22) and also Audrey Caroline (19). The nation singer, 53, pull up as the Night King and also paid fist to detail with accents favor blue makeup and an icy crown.

Gracie nailed she portrayal the Joffrey Baratheon in a blond hair wig and also ornate costume. Maggie Elizabeth went together Arya Stark and also stayed in character in a brown leather jacket through a sword at her side. Audrey Caroline play Sansa Stark and also sported a black dress and also coat and a red wig.

McGraw appeared in the 2nd photo dressed in a furry robe, red wig and also matching beard, i beg your pardon led some fans to guess the he was illustrating Tormund Giantsbane.

The father of 3 captioned the write-up "So we had a "Game that Thrones" themed dinner at residence with the kiddos" and also wished his fans a merry Christmas.

His daughter Audrey shared her approval in the comment section, writing "We killed it honestly" and actor Rita Wilson composed "This is the ideal thing ever."

Fans dubbed the image "cool," "awesome" and "hilarious" and one the McGraw"s followers couldn"t aid but write the complying with message that"s five so "Game of Thrones:" "That"s good winter is coming!"

On Tuesday, the family followed up the "Game that Thrones" celebration with "Harry Potter night."

McGraw seldom shares photos of his entire family, so the snapshots were a sweet treat for his fans. Earlier this month, the singer additionally gave his pendant a look at at just how he and his wife were decorating because that the holidays.

The 53-year-old proved off the couple"s massive Christmas tree and shared a photo of self high up on a ladder. McGraw had some funny while captioning the post, composing " "A: Santa"s lead flying reindeer B: wife trying to get rid of me prior to Christmas."

A: Santa"s lead flying reindeerB: wife trying to get rid of me before Christmas pic.twitter.com/Cvmha58rVM

— Tim McGraw (

In November, the country singer released a brand-new music video clip for his tune "Gravy" and also shared a collection of sweet throwback home video clip clips that his daughters.

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While plugging the video clip on Instagram, the dad of three common the following message: "I recognize Thanksgiving watch a tiny different for a many us this year. Let’s take care of each other and remember what’s most essential in life…. The ones us share the with. Everything else is gravy."

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