Eva Marie newly made her return to WWE, therefore it"s a perfect time come shine the spotlight ~ above the life Superstar.

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Eva Marie Age, Height, connection Status and Other points To Know around Her
also though WWE doesn"t commonly hire ladies for their looks anymore, Eva Marie deserve to be thought about an exception. Eva isn"t someone that delivers particularly an excellent matches, but her watch have enabled her to obtain popularity over the years.

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Eva Marie"s first WWE insignificant lasted 4 years. After signing with the firm in 2013, she left in 2017, but WWE surprisingly lugged her earlier recently through a brand-new "Eva-Lution" gimmick. Considering the former Total Divas star has actually mainstream popularity, she could do fine in her second stint if she shows development in the ring. Below are some facts about the life Superstar.

Eva Marie as a brunette

Eva Marie"s captivating hair shade makes her stand the end from the remainder of the females on the roster. If she had her "All Red Everything" gimmick with red hair shade in her very first stint, she now has actually pink hair.

However, Eva Marie isn"t initially a redhead. She is naturally a brunette from childhood. As soon as Eva Marie very first signed for WWE, they want her come dye her it blonde, yet she wasn"t convinced if that shade would be an ideal for her. She finished up v the famous red hair color.

Eva Marie is working out

given her ripped physique, it could not be hard to guess that Eva Marie to be a fitness model prior to joining the professional wrestling business. She worked for various fitness companies.

In 2012, she had the respect of featuring on sporting activities Illustrated"s website. She was likewise on the cover of Glam right Magazine and Import Tuner Magazine. Together a fitness model, Eva Marie winner the "Powertech model & Fitness Competition" back in 2012. While gift in WWE in 2014, she had actually the possibility to be on "Maxim" magazine.

Eva Marie new Fashion

Eva Marie is a co-owner the a hair expansion brand called "TestaRossa". Moreover, she additionally owns a flashing brand dubbed "NEM Fashion".

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while Eva Marie launched her hair expansion brand in 2015, she began her fashion line business earlier in 2016. She has certainly kept busy when not performing in the ring.

Eva Marie is blowing a kiss in the ring

Eva Marie pointed out on an illustration of Total Divas that she had struggled through alcohol addiction in the past. Ago in her teens and early twenties, Eva Marie"s problem was so severe at one point, that she saw jail for three months, owning come DUI.

She left behind the addiction phase lengthy ago, especially after obtaining into fitness to become a fitn model. Needless come say, Eva Marie need to be a real-life hero because that many world for overcoming such an addiction.

see Eva Marie"s lack of athleticism in the ring, it could be tough to believe that she was right into sports once she to be younger. Back in her institution days, she proactively played soccer, and she always wanted to go after a career together a football player.

Eva Marie played as a striker because that her football team in school. However, her dream of follow a career as a football player shattered once she acquired an fishing eye injury. Later, she recovered indigenous the injury and started playing, however she fail to do it big.

Eva Marie might be rotate heads v her looks, but she is a clever individual, as she has actually a university degree. Back she fail to meet her football dream, she finished up having not one, yet two various degrees.

before she began her career together a fitness model, Eva Marie learned at California State university in Fullerton, wherein she obtained her business Management degree. Eventually, she got one more minor degree in HR, making she portfolio even much more impressive.

Currently, Eva Marie is 36 years old. She to be born in 1984 in California. Due to the fact that she has returned to the company at the age of 36 and has a great fitness level, she still has actually a number of years left to success in her 2nd stint if she shows improvement in in between the ropes.

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Eva Marie signed through WWE because that the first time once she was 28 years old and during her release, she was 32 year old. The current Raw star additionally stands at 5′ 8″.

Eva Marie has a Mexican and also Italian background. When Eva"s father is Italian, her mom is Mexican.

through the likes that Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, WWE has actually a history of having actually some legend Mexican-origin Superstars. It will be exciting to view if WWE will acknowledge Eva Marie"s mexico heritage in the future.

WWE fans room well conscious that Eva Marie has starred in Total Divas, however she has additionally been personally of some various other TV shows. Eva has actually featured in popular shows like Celebrity Showdown and also Celebrity large Brother. She has actually recently acted in Amazon Prime"s show Paradise City.

Eva Marie"s an initial movie was in 2017. She had actually a small duty in the movie Inconceivable, starring the likes that Nicholas Cage and also Faye Dunaway. She also acted in an action movie critical year called Hard Kill.

Eva Marie is at this time married to Jonathan Coyle, and also the couple has been married for 7 years. When they obtained hitched, your wedding was presented on Total Divas. Your picturesque wedding venue was in Napa Valley, California, and also some WWE superstar attended it.

besides being Eva Marie"s husband, Jonathan Coyle is also her manager. That is a fitness trainer by profession. Coyle is the co-owner the Eva Marie"s fashion line, NEM Fashion.

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