A few things the go hand-in-hand withHalloweenare pumpkins, candy, costumes, andElvira. The horror hostess has actually been a figure in pop society for 4 decades and also she recently posted a video clip that has actually fans in awe as she watch ageless campaigning for her favorite holiday.

Read on to check out her brand-new video and also find the end the age and also the net worth the Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

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Elvira, Mistress that the Dark (Cassandra Peterson) | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Elvira, Mistress that the Dark’s new video

On Oct. 13, 2020, the Queen the Halloween debuted the “Don’t cancel Halloween” video clip on her Elvira, Mistress the the Dark YouTube channel.

The tune is a parody of Madonna‘s 1983 struggle “Holiday.”In her tune, Elvira sang around Halloween amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with the lyrics: I’m the Queen the Halloween/COVID-19 ruined everything/If they cancel Halloween/ cause we’re tho in quarantine/ It would certainly make me for this reason mad/It would suck/ It would certainly suck therefore bad.

The video clip has since gone viral and also people are stunned that the Mistress that the Dark doesn’t look like she age a day since she burst ~ above the scene in the early ’80s. So this had plenty of wondering just exactly how old she is now.

Elvira aka Cassandra Peterson’s age

Elvira, whose actual name is Cassandra Peterson, was born in Manhattan, Kansas, ~ above Sept. 17, 1951. So how does she stay looking so good at her age?

The TV horror organize shared few of her beauty beauty tips through Elle saying always wash your face before bed, “embrace your dark (goth) side 365 days a year,” “get a wig the looks choose your genuine hair” and also “for the best skincare products talk to RuPaul.” Elvira is also an immortal gift so the helps too.

Her network worth

In 1981, the Los Angeles television terminal KHJ-TV to be looking come reboot a weekly horror present titled Fright Night that had actually been hosted by the late Sinister Seymour (Larry Vincent). Peterson audition because that the role of fear host and her Elvira alter ego came to be. She quicklybecame a pop-culture phenomenon identified with Halloween.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark | Time Life Pictures/DMI/The LIFE picture Collection via Getty Images

Prior to she TV gig, Peterson functioned at a bar together a drag queen. “I always tell world I to be ‘raised by a pack of wild drag queens,’” she claimed viaThe mountain Francisco only Guardian. “I was around so plenty of drag queens and gay males when ns was young… These various other two traction queens, Mr. Bobby and Tawny Tan, had actually me dress up… and we’d do The Supremes.”

Peterson was also a las Vegas showgirl prior to she appeared on ours TV sets in a cleavage-bearing black color gown through a dark wig and also a sarcastic sense of humor.

During she career as Elvira, Peterson has hosted numerous Halloween and also horror shows, she’s additionally been featured in comic books, and even video clip games. She has lent she voice to several films such asScooby-Doo: go back to Zombie Island and also has made guest appearances in Chips, The fall Guy, and Fantasy Island. Peterson has over 80 acting credits in and out of her iconic character.

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In 2016, Peterson released an Elvira 35th anniversary “coffin table” book.

Today, she has actually an estimated net precious of $3 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth.