Efrem Zimbalist Jr., the child of famous musical parental who established his own lasting celebrity in 2 of television's most famous series, "77 Sunset Strip" and also "The F.B.I.," passed away Friday at age 95. Zimbalist passed away at his Solvang home in California's bucolic steed country, said household friend Judith Moose, who released a statement from his youngsters Stephanie Zimbalist and Efrem Zimbalist III. "We

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Veteran gibbs Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Stands external his house in February 1982. He died Friday.Wally Fong / glossesweb.com
Efrem Zimbalist Jr., the kid of well known musical parental who created his own lasting celebrity in 2 of television"s most renowned series, "77 Sunset Strip" and also "The F.B.I.," passed away Friday at period 95. 

Zimbalist passed away at his Solvang home in California"s bucolic horse country, said household friend Judith Moose, who released a statement indigenous his youngsters Stephanie Zimbalist and Efrem Zimbalist III. 

"We are heartbroken come announce the passing right into peace of ours beloved father, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., this particular day at his Solvang ranch," the explain read. "He proactively enjoyed his life come the last day, showering love on his extended family, playing golf and visiting through close friends." 

Zimbalist"s stunning great looks and cool, deductive way made him the ideal star together the hip private detective ferreting out Hollywood miscreants in "77 Sunset Strip," which aired native 1958 to 1964. As shortly as that display ended that segued seamlessly into "The F.B.I." i m sorry aired native 1965 come 1974. 

At the finish of each illustration of the latter show, after Zimbalist and his other G-men had recorded that week"s mobsters, subversives, financial institution robbers or spies, the series would article photos native the FBI"s real-life most-wanted list. Few of those images led to arrests, i beg your pardon helped provide the display the complete seal that approval the the agency"s real-life director, J. Edgar Hoover. 

The boy of violin virtuoso Efrem Zimbalist and acclaimed opera singer Alma Gluck, young Efrem initially showed up headed because that a musical career. He studied violin for 7 years under the tutelage of Jascha Heifetz"s father, however eventually developed an ext interest in theater. 

He became an actor and "77 Sunset Strip" made him a star. 

His daughter Stephanie also took increase acting and small-screen detective work, in the struggle 1980s TV collection "Remington Steele." she father had actually a recurring duty in that present as a con man. 

After offer in civilization War II, Zimbalist made his stage debut in "The rough Path," certification Spencer Tracy, and appeared in various other plays and also a soap opera before being dubbed to Hollywood. Warner Bros. Signed him to a contract and also cast him in minor film roles. 

He likewise had a recurring duty in the fight 1950s Western collection "Maverick," playing con man Dandy Jim Buckley. 

Then in 1958 "77 Sunset Strip" debuted, starring Zimbalist together a cultured former O.S.S. Officer and language expert whose companion was roger Smith, one Ivy organization Ph.D. 

The pair operated the end of an office in the facility of Hollywood"s Sunset piece where, aided through their at some time helper, Kookie, a jive-talking beatnik form who doubled as a parking lot of attendant, lock tracked under miscreants. 

Kookie"s character, played by Edd Byrnes, helped draw young viewers to the show, and also his continuous hair combing produced the nationwide catchphrase, "Kookie, loan Me her Comb." 

The program brought Zimbalist one Emmy nomination in 1959, yet after a couple of seasons he tired of the long hours and what he believed were the bad scripts. 

"A job like this should pay off in one of two ways: satisfaction or money. The money is not great, and there is no satisfaction," he said. 

When the present faltered in 1963, Jack Webb of "Dragnet" fame was hired for an overhaul. The fired the cast except for Zimbalist, who he do a world-traveling investigator. The repair work failed, and also the collection ended the adhering to year. 

Zimbalist had far better luck through "The F.B.I.," which withstood for a decade as one of TV"s most well-known shows. 

Perceiving that the series could administer the actual FBI with an essential P.R. Boost, Hoover opened the bureau"s records to the show"s producers and also even permitted background shots to be filmed in actual FBI offices. 

"He never ever came top top the set, however I knew him," Zimbalist said. "A charming man, incredibly Virginia formal and an particularly command the the language." 

In 2009 the FBI honored Zimbalist v his very own special agent"s badge, making the an honorary G-man in acknowledgment of the contributions his show and his character, Inspector Lewis Erskine, made to the agency"s reputation. 

"We can not have asked for a far better character, or a much better man, come play his role," FBI manager Robert S. Mueller III stated at the time. 

During summer breaks between the 2 series, Warner Bros. Actors Zimbalist in several function films, including "Too lot Too Soon," ""Home prior to Dark," ""The crowded Sky," ""The Chapman Report" and also "Wait till Dark." In the latter, he play the husband of Audrey Hepburn, a remote woman terrorized by thugs in a truly frightening film. 

Zimbalist also appeared in "By Love Possessed," ""Airport 1975," ""Terror out of the Sky" and also "Hot Shots." 

But that would always be finest known together a TV star, ironic for an actor that told The connected Press in 1993 that once Warner Bros. Rental him he had no interest in doing television. 

"They confirmed me in my contract wherein it claimed I had actually to," he recalled. 

"I finished up with my life slanted towards television and I just accept that," that said. "I think you play the hand the way it"s dealt, that"s all." 

In the 1990s, Zimbalist taped the voice the Alfred the butler in the cartoon variation of the "Batman" TV series. That role, he said, "has make me an idol in my little grandchildren"s eyes." 

Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Was born in new York City top top Nov. 30, 1918. 

His mother, thinking that living between the musical upstream was no the ideal upbringing because that a boy, sent out him to boarding institutions where he could be toughened by rather his age. But young Efrem was bashful and withdrawn in school. His just outlet was exhilaration in campus plays. 

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He was kicked the end of Yale after 2 years over dismal grades, which the blamed top top a playboy attitude. 

Afraid to walk home, he stayed with a girlfriend in brand-new York City for three months, functioning as a web page at NBC headquarters, wherein he to be dazzled through the famed radio stars. Can not to break right into radio as an actor, he studied at the famed ar Playhouse. 

During world War II he offered in the infantry, receiving a purple Heart because that a shrapnel wound in his leg. 

In 1945, Zimbalist married Emily McNair and they had a daughter, Nancy, and son, Efrem III. 

After his wife died in 1950 he gave up exhilaration for a time come teach in ~ the Curtis academy in Philadelphia, whereby his father to be an artist in residence. He returned to Hollywood five years later, marrying Loranda Stephanie Spalding in 1956, and she offered birth to their daughter Stephanie. 

Zimbalist was preceded in fatality by his second wife and by his daughter Nancy. 

In enhancement to his son and also other daughter, Stephanie, that is survived by four grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.