Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, that married the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947. Photograph: Tim Graham/Tim Graham picture Library/Getty Images
Prince Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, that married the then Princess Elizabeth in 1947. Photograph: Tim Graham/Tim Graham photograph Library/Getty Images

The duke of Edinburgh, the Queen’s “strength and also stay” because that 73 years, has passed away aged 99.

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A statement from Buckingham palace on Friday said: “It is v deep sorrow the Her Majesty The Queen announces the fatality of she beloved husband, His imperial Highness The Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh. His royal Highness passed away peacefully this morning at Windsor Castle. Further announcements will made in early course. The Royal family members join with people approximately the people in mourning his loss.”

He to be the longest offer consort in brother history, and also was just months away from his 100th date of birth in June.

Philip had actually returned come Windsor lock on 16 March to be reunited with the Queen ~ spending a month in hospital – his longest stay. He originally received treatment for one infection however then under went heart surgical treatment for a pre-existing condition.

An official an alert of his death was posted on the railings that Buckingham Palace, as is traditional, however was being gotten rid of shortly afterwards to avoid crowds gathering.

The coronavirus pandemic will have actually a significant impact top top the very closely laid plans because that the duke’s funeral. With constraints still in ar amid the Covid-19 outbreak, the public elements of the final farewell will not be able to take location in their original form.

Philip’s health had been gradually deteriorating for part time. The announced he to be stepping under from imperial engagements in may 2017, joking the he can no longer stand up. That made a final official windy appearance later that year throughout a royal Marines parade on the forecourt that Buckingham Palace.


The Queen and Duke that Edinburgh tide to crowds in 2005 together they leave a present marking the finish of the 2nd world war. Photograph: Anwar Hussein CollectionThough never officially provided the location of prince consort, he live a life the relentless royal duty, relinquishing his promise naval career, i m sorry some thought could have seen him rise to become very first Sea Lord, for a duty requiring him to walk several feet behind his wife.

Having made this choice, the immersed self wholeheartedly in national life, carving the end a distinct public role. He to be the most energetic member that the royal family with, for numerous decades, the busiest engagements diary.


Prince Philip greets a young wellwisher in Canberra at the start of a five-day visit to Australia in 2006. Photograph: Torsten Blackwood/AFP/Getty ImagesEven once well-advanced in years, he could be viewed on walkabouts hoisting small children over security obstacles to enable them to present their posies to his wife.

Often that received little public acknowledgment for his endeavours. In part this was due to his uncomfortable partnership with the press, who he labelled “bloody reptiles” and also whose coverage often concentrated on his gaffes. He as soon as told the previous Conservative MP and also biographer Gyles Brandreth: “I have become a caricature. There we are. I’ve just acquired to expropriate it.”

The duke can be blunt and outspoken to the point of offensiveness. He declared to have actually coined words “dontopedalogy”: a talent for placing one’s foot in one’s mouth. Prone to bad-tempered outbursts, he never suffered fools gladly. Equally, he can be charming, engaging and also witty – and displayed such genuine curiosity top top his official visits the his hosts were flattered.


Queen Elizabeth and also the then us president Barack Obama pose with very first lady Michelle Obama and also Prince Philip at Buckingham Palace prior to a state banquet in 2011. Photograph: -/AFP/Getty ImagesWhile constitutionally to exclude, from major areas the the Queen’s skilled life – he held no constitutional duty other than as a privy counsellor and also saw no state papers – he collection about modernising a monarchy that feared could end up as a museum piece.

It was at his instigation that the exercise of presenting debutantes at court was abolished in 1958. He initiated informal royal residence lunches come which guest from a selection of backgrounds to be invited. Garden parties to be broadened.


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip accomplish guests in ~ a Buckingham palace garden party in 2012. Photograph: David Crump/Getty ImagesHe chaired the method Ahead team – written of leading royal family members and also their advisers – come analyse and also avert criticism of the institution.

The Queen, that deferred come him in private, would say: “What walk Philip think?” ~ above any significant matter concerning the imperial household. Large decisions, including her lastly agreeing to pay taxation on her exclusive income, the abolition the the royal yacht Britannia, and also her letter to Charles and also Diana suggesting very early divorce, were taken after ~ consultation through the duke, follow to insiders.

He collection out his see on the monarchy on number of occasions, recognising it can not it is in all things to every people and also therefore would always find chin in a position of compromise – or threat being kicked native both sides. But, that argued: “People still respond much more easily come symbolism than to reason.” people instinctively interpreted the idea of a representative rather than a administer leader, and also it was necessary for nationwide identity, he maintained.

He had actually a keen attention in religion and also conservation, despite dispatching a 2.5-metre (8ft) tiger v a single shot ~ above an official visit to India in 1961, the very same year he became president the the civilization Wildlife money UK.

Prince Philip (left) with Prince Jagat-Singh (with his foot ~ above the tiger’s head), the Maharajah of Jaipur, Queen Elizabeth and the Maharanee that Jaipur. The tiger to be shot by Philip during a hunt on the royal tour that India in 1961. Photograph: Fox Photos/Getty ImagesIndustry, science and also nature were various other passions. Among his most renowned speeches remained in 1961 as soon as he told leading industrialists: “Gentlemen, i think it is time we pulled our fingers out.” and also he loved gadgets.

From the outset he took a keen interest in young people through the fight it out of Edinburgh award, i m sorry he introduced in 1956, motivated by his institution days, and also organisations such together the national Playing areas Association and also the outside Bound Trust.

Prince Philip play polo in the 1950s. Photograph: AFP/Getty ImagesWith his youthful great looks and sporting prowess, Philip was a pin-up. He play polo until, in 1971, injury required him come retire, after which he took up four-in-hand carriage steering – a coach with four horses - which he ongoing to contend in at global level well into his 80s.

He to be a cracked shot, a standard pilot and an achieved sailor. Together the searchlight control officer top top the battleship HMS Valiant, the was mentioned in dispatches in 1941 for his function in the battle of Matapan versus the Italian fleet. His wartime service additionally saw him current at the Japanese surrender in Tokyo just in 1945.

His love the the outdoors and also physical pursuit was nurtured in childhood in ~ Gordonstoun, the Morayshire school founded by kurt Hahn, which encouraged self-reliance in pupils. Hahn had a profound affect on the young prince, who hardly ever saw his parents as a child.

Born at the family home the Mon Repos, supposedly on the kitchen table, ~ above Corfu top top 10 June 1921, Philip to be the youngest child and only son of Prince Andrew the Greece, one officer in the Greek army, and also Princess Alice of Battenberg. The family fled as soon as his father to be charged through high treason in the after-effects of the hefty defeat of the Greeks through the Turks. They were evacuated in a british warship, through one-year-old Philip being carried in a makeshift cot fashioned from an orange box.

Prince Philip of greek at school in Gordonstoun, Elgin, Scotland. Photograph: PA archive ImagesHe had actually an unsettled and peripatetic childhood. His parental separated; his father settling in Monte Carlo where he amassed far-ranging gambling debts, and also his mother, that was deaf, walk on to uncovered an bespeak of nuns before coming to be depressed and being admitted come an asylum. He later on said that his family’s break-up: “I just had actually to gain on with it. You do. One does.”

Distantly related to the Queen – castle were 3rd cousins – their routes crossed several times before he became a severe suitor in 1946, despite she was said to have actually fallen in love v him once she to be 13.

A extremely ambitious and complicated man, he challenged many obstacles in the early days of marital relationship at the palace. Through no money and no title, the establishment thought that a small “below the salt”. George through was dismayed his daughter wanted to marry the very first man she had met and thought her as well young. Queen Elizabeth, later on the Queen Mother, and also never intended subtle, mischievously described him together “the Hun”, a referral to his combined Danish, Russian and also German heritage. She brother, David Bowes-Lyon, dismissed him as “a German”.

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Courtiers observed him together an outsider – with barely a fit to his surname – and also a small too Teutonic.

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip reap a walk throughout their honeymoon at Broadlands, Hampshire. Photograph: Topical press Agency/Getty ImagesBut he succeeded in overcoming prejudice and set about developing a function in which he would end up being the linchpin of royal residence life. Describing she reliance ~ above him, the Queen claimed in a speech to celebrate their gold wedding in 1997: “He is someone who doesn’t take easily to compliments. However he has, fairly simply, been my strength and stay every these years, and also I, and his entirety family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than the would ever before claim, or we shall ever know.”

Queen Elizabeth and also Prince Philip at Clarence house with Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew because that a dinner to mark the couple’s diamond wedding anniversary in 2007. Photograph: AFP/Getty ImagesThe bishop that London, Richard Chartres, as soon as told the unauthorised biographer Graham Turner: “If one of the standard English aristocrats had actually married the Queen the would have bored everyone out of their minds.”