NCIS has really placed fans through the wringer in season 16. First, there to be rumors that note Harmon (who plays Gibbs) or Sean Murray (AKA McGee) to be leaving. Then, everyone panicked once CBS temporarily replaced the present with an additional program. And also don’t also get us started about the combination of relief/shock us felt after discovering Ziva to be still alive.

Now, the crime series is testing our emotions when again. It came to be pretty clear 85-year-old gibbs David McCallum and his character Ducky to be on his means out in the illustration “Bears and Cubs.” the flat-out said Gibbs the he didn’t see a place for self at the naval Criminal Investigative business anymore, and also you could almost hear hearts break all throughout America.

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Don’t leave us, Ducky!
Michael Yarish

Fortunately, us don’t have to get too choked up simply yet. In “Silent Service” it showed up as despite the team was gearing up because that a large party celebrating Ducky’s retirement. This only reinforced everyone’s worst fears that he was joining Cote de Pablo and Pauley Perrette and also leaving because that good. But at the end of the episode, we were surprised when again.

Instead that bidding Ducky goodbye, Gibbs, Vance (Rocky Carroll), and Sloane (Maria Bello) led Ducky down to a room. Vance described that both the CIA and also the FBI have historians, who “ensure the built up knowledge the those institutions live on for future generations.”

They climate revealed a plaque top top the door that read: Donald Mallard M.D., NCIS Historian. Cue the waterworks, please.

What this method for Ducky is the he can come and go together he pleases, and also still gain paid, part-time work. What this way for us, the seems, is the Ducky won’t be gone because that good. Anyone watching was, predictably, ecstatic.

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Yes, I"m so happy he"s no leaving.