Nickelodeon fans know Drake Bell indigenous the hit present Drake & Josh. Now, Bell shows up to have actually some trouble v the law. In the recent past, allegations that abuse come from his ex-girlfriend. But brand-new allegations insurance claim Bell attempted come endanger children. So, what is Drake Bell’s period in 2021? and how old was he as soon as his alleged crimes occurred?

Drake Bell was freshly charged because that alleged crimes versus children

The 34-year-old previous child star deals with criminal charges concerning a girl he had actually met online and attended a 2017 concert that his in Cleveland once she was 15

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Drake & Josh fans could remember the funny duo for your skits ago in 2004. At the time, Drake Bell’s period was just 18, and also Josh Peck’s age was the same. Yet now, times have changed. And also Bell was recently charged for allegedly attempting to endanger children and also “disseminating matter harmful to juveniles,” Yahoo reports.

According to Fox8, Bell allegedly had actually inappropriate conversations that turned sexual with a minor in 2017. The 15-year-old who allegedly had actually the interactions through Bell filed the report with the neighborhood police in October 2018. Native there, Cleveland police carried out an investigation, which provided the teenager had an developed relationship through Bell that covered years before 2017. She climate attended a concert the Bell’s in 2017.

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In the month leading as much as the concert, the investigation insurance claims there to be alleged inappropriate social media interactions in between Bell and also the teen. The prosecutor’s office also noted, “Bell violated his duty of care and, in doing so, developed a risk of injury to the victim.” after the announcement of his charges, Bell gotten in a no guilty plea come the court.

What is Drake Bell’s period now? just how old to be he once he allegedly endangered children?


Drake Bell attends Build series in 2019 | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

So, what is Drake Bell’s age in 2021, and how old was he throughout the alleged son endangerment? Today, Bell is 34 years old and also will rotate 35 in 2021. His birthday is June 27, 1986, according to Celebrity network Worth. Together for his age throughout the alleged son endangerment, he was around 31 years old.

Prior to Bell’s time in the spotlight, he come from humble beginnings. Celebrity net Worth notes his exhilaration career began at 5 years old, and also he made his first appearance on tv with an illustration of Home innovation in 1994. By the moment 2004 rolled around, he obtained a major boost in recognition with Drake & Josh. Peck and also Bell to be friends before the show.

Aside from acting, Bell additionally became renowned for his music talent. He developed the theme song for Drake & Josh and signed a document deal in 2006.

The ‘Drake & Josh’ star faced past abuse allegations

Drake Bell’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Lingafelt is accusing the of verbal and also physical abuse in a shocking #TikTok video clip 11 year after your split. Clock it here:

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Drake Bell’s current predicament is deeply concerning — and also it’s not the first time he’s landed himself in hot water. His ex-girlfriend, Melissa Lingafelt, post videos to tiktok in 2020 detailing she abuse allegations against him. Lingafelt allegedly dated Bell once she was just 16 year old and he was 20.

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“I relocated in with him, i was singing,” Lingafelt said on TikTok. “It no until around a year when the linguistic abuse started. And also when i say verbal abuse, imagine the worst form of linguistic abuse you could ever imagine and that to be what ns got.” She then detailed the abuse turned physical. “At the pinnacle of it, he dragged me down the stairs in ~ our residence in Los Feliz and my confront hit every action on the means down. I have photos of this.”

A pretrial hearing because that Bell’s current instance is set for June 23, 2021, on Zoom.

How to gain help: If you or someone you know has actually been sexually abused, text house to the situation Text heat at 741741 for free and confidential support.