Tony Evans network Worth is $10 Million in 2021.

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the is one American Christian pastor, motivational speaker, author, and generally connected radio and Tv broadcaster in the joined States. As soon as it concerns the optimal authors then the very first name that concerns our mind is Tony Evans.

He is among the senior and most respected leaders in the unified States. Dr. Tony Evans is widely well-known for his unique capability to communicate with the people. He changed the lives of millions of civilization through his distinctive style the motivation.

Tony Evans has actually done radio and podcast reflects in his job in which he gained a large fan base throughout the world. So below is we will be talking around the total Net worth of Tony Evans his source of income, earnings, various brand organizations, assets, luxury lifestyle, car collections, lavish house, career, biography, and more.


Tony Evans net Worth:

As per the news of part sites, Tony Evans net Worth is $ 10 Million in the us in 2021. He is one of the optimal media personalities and also a motivational speaker in the unified States. Tony Evans’s monthly income is much more than $ 30,000.

The bulk of his income comes from the Tv shows and also his religious Leader, because that which he earns a lot. Tony Evans’s annual income is over $1.5 Million. As soon as it concerns charity and social works, Tony Evans is in the height place. Yearly he is becoming much more successful and also his network worth is enhancing day by day.

Net precious 2021:

NameTony Evans
Net precious 2021$ 10 Million
Monthly Income$ 30,000 +
Yearly Income$ 1.5 Million +
ProfessionSpeaker, Author
Last Updated2021

Tony Evans network Worth critical 5 Years:

Net worth In 2021$10 Million
Net precious In 2020$9 Million
Net precious In 2019$7 Million
Net precious In 2018$5.5 Million
Net precious In 2017$3.5 Million

Tony Evans an individual Life:

Dr. Tony Evans was born ~ above 10 September 1949 in Baltimore, Maryland, unified States, that is 72 year old as of 2021. Tony was the first African-American scholar who complete a doctor of Theology level from the Dallas Theological Seminary. Tony’s father’s surname is Arthur Evans and his mother’s surname is Evelyn Evans.

When it pertains to Tony Evans’s mam he acquired married to Lois Irene on June 27, 1970. In (2019) his mam died. Tony Evans has actually two boy Anthony Evans who is is an American Christian singer and also songwriter. If his 2nd son Jonathan Blake Evans is a former American football player. Tony additionally has 2 daughters Priscilla Shirer that is likewise an author, motivational speaker, and actress. And also his various other daughter Chrystal Evans Hurst also an author.


Tony Evans Career:

In 1973, Tony Evans began his career and he was got to by a radio show producer from Houston (KHCB). In i m sorry Evans was a junior in the Th.M. Schedule. Because that the next couple of years, Tony used faithfully preaching in ~ a microphone because that a civilization unseen in Houston.

In (1981) Tony come in so frequently from his Houston and also Dallas radio broadcasts for which co-founder that the ministry, began fulfilling orders. The transforming point the his career remained in 1986 once Dr. Tony Evans to be asked to preach in ~ the National spiritual Broadcasters’ yearly conference. Under the management of Dr. Lois Evans, senior Vice-President the TUA, the radio ministry grew nationally and also globally.

And now as the (2021), he became popular almost everywhere the world and his broadcasts aired on over 1,400 radio outlets and in over 130 nations. Tony Evans has written more than 50 publications in his career and his many selling book is ‘The Tony Evans bible Commentary’ i m sorry was released in (2019).

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Tony Evans Biography:

Full NameTony Evans
Age72 years Old (2021)
Date that BirthSeptember 10, 1949
Birth PlaceBaltimore, Maryland, joined States
Height5.9 feet ( 175 cm )
Weight82 Kg ( 180 Lbs)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Marital StatusMarried
WifeLois Irene Evans (died 2019)
SonsAnthony Evans and also Jonathan Evans
FatherArthur Evans
MotherEvelyn Evans
HometownBaltimore, Maryland
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Education QualificationDoctor the Theology degree
TwitterTony Evans
HobbiesReading Books

Tony Evans House:

Tony Evans is among one of the top religious Leaders in the joined States later in 1976 he founded his congregation through 10 members. And also now he owns 136 acres along West Camp Wisdom Road between Hampton Road and also Polk Street.